We have been sent many comments and patient experiences over the years from clients who feel we have helped transform their lives after having FMT with us. We have listed a selection below.

Dr. Bill Code’s FMT/GFT Experience

In my twenty two year journey with MS, I have researched the literature and visited five continents to learn more answers towards my MS recovery.  In early 2016, this search led me to the Taymount Clinic in the UK. I had already read Dr. Borody’s case report, in Australia, of two people still walking twenty…

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Lesley Paterson – Triathlete, lymes disease & my FMT journey

Come on a journey with Lesley Paterson, World Champion Triathlete & Lymes Disease sufferer. Lesley is about to embark on her FMT journey with our clinic. She will be sharing her journey with us through vlogs and blogs.   Vlog 23/03/17 – Lesley Paterson’s Story   Blog 20/02/17 – Did it work? Ah the loaded question….

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