Isha Patel

Isha Patel

Senior FMT Practitioner & Nutritional Therapist

Isha is a friendly, compassionate senior nutritionist with an outstanding record of client service and satisfaction. Graduating with a BSc in Human Nutrition, Isha started her career in the NHS, working with diabetic patients to aid in weight management and nutrition for the elderly. Her interest in gut health developed and joined Taymount working with both international and UK based clients, administering bacteriotherapy into compromised guts to restore the gut flora and improve optimum function. In addition, Isha has worked with athletes, including golf players, marathon runners and premier league footballers to enhance their nutrition to prevent injuries and enhance performance. More recently, Isha has developed her clinical nutrition practice by focusing on hyper-personalised treatments and biohacking-regenerative programmes using molecular science, cellular treatment, and various types of genetic testing.
Isha believes healthy eating should be a pleasure and aims to focus more on adding to diet rather than taking foods out.

Skills and Interests:
Consulting with clients on the following;
Weight loss
Autoimmune conditions
General health & wellbeing
Gut health
Enhancing athletic performance
Creating bespoke meal plans to suit client needs
Carrying out lifestyle testing including:
Micronutrient panels
Food intolerance
Microbiome testing
Assessment of the small intestine (SIBO)
Hormone panel for male and female
Genetic testing (health and lifestyle)
Interpreting results and feeding back to client


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