Isha Patel

Isha Patel

Therapist & Nutritionist

Isha is a friendly, compassionate nutritionist with an outstanding record of patient service and satisfaction.

Graduating with a BSc in Human Nutrition, her career in the NHS working as a Dietetic Assistant, working with patients with diabetes to aid in weight management and managing nutrition for the elderly. Isha’s interest in gut health developed whilst working alongside doctors and patients in the Gastrointestinal ward, and shortly after joined Taymount, where she developed a passion for gut bacteria, particularly the role the microbiome has on health, and the impact it can have on patients.

Isha is also a fully qualified colon hydrotherapist and enjoys colonics, as well as writing blogs and producing an anti-inflammatory solution ‘Salvicol’ used in the clinic.

Isha believes healthy eating should be a pleasure and aims to focus more on adding to the client’s diet rather than taking foods away.


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