Our stool donors are amazing

Each stool donor provides a diverse microbiome tested for pathogens

Healthy diversity from our donors is key to providing Gut Flora Transplants (FMT).

We extract microbial cells from donated stool to create Gut Flora (FMT) implants.

Every Taymount stool donor undergoes strict screening, plus repeat testing every month. This promotes the safety and quality of their gut flora.

Being a donor for Taymount is amazing. Knowing that I am helping people makes me feel good and we are often sent testimonials from clients saying how the treatment has changed their lives. It keeps me fitter too as I like to eat well and exercise to increase my healthy gut bacteria. It's a win, win. Thank you, Taymount.

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Can I donate?

If you lead a healthy, active lifestyle and live within 15 miles of our UK Clinic, then potentially yes.

Our donors:

  • Are encouraged to follow a high-nutrient, probiotic and prebiotic rich diet
  • Meet a range of lifestyle and medical criteria
  • Are well-balanced, socially aware individuals who want to help others
  • Bring stools to our Clinic at least three times a week
  • Undertake regular testing and monitoring

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The process

To join our donor team, you will complete a screening process.

Questionnaire and informal interview

This covers all aspects of your lifestyle – social, occupational, sexual and BMI history. We want to assess your motivation for donating and get to know you better.

Your microbiome (gut flora)

The quality of your gut flora is key. The healthier your gut, the better our FMT implants. We will analyse your microbiome and suggest dietary improvements to enhance your gut flora.

Donated stools are tested every month to ensure you continue to provide healthy gut flora.

Blood screening

You will have regular blood tests to screen for a range of diseases; which also gives you a periodic health check.

If you become a stool donor, this testing will repeat every three months to protect client safety.

*On average, each donor provides over 1000 different types of microbial cell.

I’m interested in health and nutrition, so stool donation was something I felt I could do to help others.

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Donor FAQs

What happens if my gut flora reduces in quality?

This does happen, for example if a donor has to take a course of antibiotics, or picks up a transient unfriendly bug, but we can help you to restore to normal levels in a number of ways.

We contact donors to discuss the results of the stool analysis tests and make appropriate naturopathic recommendations or refer to their GP if appropriate.

Your donated stool will not be used for FMT implants until optimum quality levels are achieved, and all test results are satisfactory.

What on-going tests will I need to undertake?

All donors undertake blood tests every three months to screen for a wide range of diseases including HIV and Hepatitis. This also serves as a regular health check up and monitoring of the health of the donor, rather like a mini-health screen. All results are clinically interpreted by our health professionals to ensure nothing out of normal range is ignored.

Your donated stool will undergo tests every month to ensure microbial quality.

How will my donated stool be used?

Donated material is processed in our laboratory to extract the living microbial cells from the rest of the stool.

Providing all screening tests are satisfactory, your microbial cells will be used to create Gut Flora Transplant (FMT) implants and stored at -80°c in our stool bank.

These FMT implants are then used with clients attending Taymount Clinic in the UK or a Taymount Partner Clinic for Gut Flora Transplants (also known as Fecal Microbiota Transplantation – FMT).

Why do I need to live within 15 minutes of Letchworth Garden City, UK?

As donors are required to donate stool at least three times a week, a close proximity to Taymount Clinic is essential.

Is there an age limit for donors?

Donors must be aged 16-50 and must lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

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If you would like to become a donor, please add your details below and we will be in touch.  All donors are required to donate stool at least three times a week, so living within 15 minutes of the Taymount Clinic is essential.

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