I can’t thank the staff at the clinic enough. They were all so kind, supportive and made me feel so comfortable and welcome throughout the treatment. Annie in particular was amazing, many times she saw me in tears, at my lowest, frightened the FMT wouldn’t work, she was so caring and kind. I have my life back but better and I am so very very grateful, thank you, a big hug to you all

Gaynor Way

A HUGE THANKS to the lovely team at Taymount for looking after me. I am now on the road to recovery. During my journey with them, they showed me empathy, understanding and comfort. My needs were always catered for. The clinic itself is gorgeous, clean and well appointed. I felt I was in a safe pair of hands. I cannot recommend The Taymount Clinic highly enough!

Adeline St John

My experience at the Taymount Clinic has been truly incredible...'m so thankful that places like this exist and that they also have an exceptional and lovely team to carry out this pioneering work (special thanks to Annie who was my amazing therapist!).

Becky Moore

Since my treatment I have been able to reintroduce dairy and caffeine with no bloating, gas or reflux. The lump in my throat has gone. The histamine issues have greatly improved and I have only once felt fatigue post eating. Better than all this is my improved energy and the great sense of well being I have. I honestly feel great. I'm so grateful to Glenn and Enid Taylor for the years of research that led to setting up the Taymount clinic.

Kara Wogart

t's been a rocky road to recovery but my body has stabilised and I'm now able to go to the theatre, I'm not in any pain, can stay up and watch tv till 11pm during work nights and maintain a full time job albeit I do work from home. I still have tinnitus and sleep disturbance but I take meds for sleep. Thanks to Taymount staff, Annie in particular, for being part of my get well journey.

Sharon Godier

Excellent staff, high quality service. I had a treatment at Taymount Clinic. After treatment I had very good result. I am very grateful to Taymount.

Halil Ibrahim