Sunshine Salt


SUNSHINE SALT to be used instead of salt for cooking and on the table.
Sunshine salt contains the top twelve essential minerals, vital for good health but lacking in modern Western diets.
Adults should consume one rounded teaspoonful daily.  Less for children according to weight.
A 300 gram pot supplies all essential minerals for one person for 60 days.
PLEASE NOTE – the salt is gold colour and may change colour in time – this is due to the added minerals and vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin).



The minerals in the sunshine salt are deliquescent……ie they absorb water from the atmosphere.

This does not change their chemical composition – they are still active!
Maldon Sea salt 4 grams – largely comprised of sodium chloride
Calcium 60 mg – lower than the RDA (recommended daily amount) but the sunshine vitamin D enhances calcium absorption and its deposition in bone
Magnesium 60 mg – lower than the RDA but the sunshine vitamin D enhances magnesium absorption and its deposition in bone
Potassium 40 mg – lower than the RDA so eat plenty of vegetables.  Potassium cannot be stored in the body so you need to consume vegetables daily
Zinc chloride 30 mg –  we should all be taking 30mgs of zinc daily.  This is a common deficiency in Westerners
Iron 15 mg – in the form of ferric ammonium chloride.  Haemoglobin which allows red blood cells to carry oxygen.  Lack of iron causes anaemia
Boron 2 mg – essential for normal calcium and magnesium metabolism.  Protective against arthritis
Iodine 1 mg – deficiency of iodine extremely common (estimated at over 90% of Westerners) since iodised salt went out of fashion
Manganese 1 mg – essential for manganese SODase – the most important anti-oxidant within mitochondria
Copper 1 mg – Essential for zinc/copper SODase – a vital anti-oxidant within and without all cells.  Copper makes for tough connective tissue
Molybdenum 200 mcgm – essential for the detox enzyme sulphite oxidase
Selenium 200 mcgm – highly protective against cancer and heart disease.  Essential for glutathione peroxidase – a vital antioxidant
Chromium 200 mcgm – insulin cannot function without chromium
Vitamin D3 5,000 iu – no toxicity has ever been seen in doses up to 10,000 iu daily.  Vitamin D3 greatly enhances the absorption of calcium and magnesium and ensures its deposition in bone.  It is protective against heart disease, cancer and dementia.  Vitamin D is heat stable and survives cooking remarkably well.  Source: sheep’s wool
Vitamin B12 5,000 mcgm (as methylcobalamin) – B12 has no toxicity.  It is poorly absorbed so high doses essential.  Again is heat stable and survives normal cooking temperatures

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