A gentle yet effective magnesium-based stool softener for colon cleansing.  Magnesium contributes to normal electrolyte balance, muscle function and functioning of the nervous system.  Taken in this form, it attracts water to itself in the colon space and helps to hydrate and soften stored waste material.

Begin by taking 1 capsule at night.  You may gradually increase the dose until an easy, soft bowel movement is achieved the next morning.  If a tendency to diarrhoea is experienced, drop back to the previous dosage level and hold it there for the remainder of the cleansing period.

Take with a large glass of water and it helps to add a little lemon juice or orange juice to help the magnesium action.

Box contains 100 capsules.  250 mg of Magnesium

This product is an osmotic laxative, it attract water to itself to rehydrate and soften retained waste matter, thereby relieving constipation.

Magnesium based stool softeners can be used long term as they do not stimulate or irritate the delicate membranes of the colon epithelium.

Always consult your GP before embarking on any colon cleansing program and magnesium is safe to take during pregnancy and breast feeding, but do consult your medical professional for confirmation that this product is suitable for you.


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