Kefir – Nature’s Miracle


Kefirs – Natures Miracle



The story of Kefir, the strange little lumpy clumps of white, cauliflower-like, or cottage-cheese-like communities of probiotic bacteria and yeasts which make an astonishing variety of health-promoting foods and drinks. Many cultures have their own versions of kefir to which is attributed the long lives of centenarians all over the world. Recipes, ideas, instructions and cautionary tales(!) of how to use this wonderful collection of Symbiotic Cultures Of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY). This book also gives a breakdown of the typical profile of over 29 commensal (probiotic or commonly referred to as “helpful”) bacteria species and sub-species and 27 species of probiotic yeasts which combine to help maintain a healthy gut. Moving on from discussing the organisms in the typical kefir drink this book also introduces the next and logical organic step in bacteriotherapy – FMT – Fecal Microbiota Transplant. A quick introductory explanation of how to help restore damaged or deficient gut flora on a much larger scale than can be achieved by diet alone.

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