Candida Protocol Bundle


Good news for candida sufferers everywhere (contents may vary in brand or manufacturer depending on availability).

Pack includes :

Swanson Gymnema Sylvestre 400mg 100’s
NOW Resveratrol 50mg 60s
Kolorex Advanced Candida Care 60s Softgels
BioCare Nutrisorb Molybdenum 15ml liquid
Wild Oregano Oil (Oregano4Life softgels) x 30


Taymount Clinic has prepared an information leaflet(click here for a copy) summarising this new approach and making it simple. The basic fact is that Candida albicans exists primarily as a yeast, in a round-bodied form, where it inhabits the spaces in the body; colon, vagina, throat, etc. When it is under any kind of threat, either from its own overgrowth and over-crowding, starvation or attempts with anti-fungals to kill it, then it morphs into long, strand-like forms called hyphae.  These hyphae can penetrate the tissues and then make their way into the organs of the body, hence giving rise to the systemic effects – the long list of which most systemic Candidiasis sufferers can probably write for themselves.  Up until now, it has not been possible to kill off the hyphae form with any kind of anti-fungals from Nystatin to Oregano.

If you are a long-term sufferer, you are well aware that the anti-fungal treatment seems to give some relief and then it all comes back again.  The anti-fungals only kill the yeast-round-body form, leaving the hyphae to creep back and mount a fresh attack when the treatment stops.
So now we have scientific evidence that Gymnemic acids (available in good health stores as: Gymnema Sylvestre) makes the hyphae re-morph back into the yeast body form, which we can then tackle with the antifungals with a much greater degree of success.

The molybdenum helps to reduce or counteract the die-off effect (Herxheimer Effect) when the yeast bodies burst and give you a super load of their alcohol output (acetaldehyde);  molybdenum helps your liver to break this down quickly and reduce unpleasant side effects.

See the original scientific paper here: Gymnemic Acids Inhibit Hyphal Growth and Virulence in Candida albicans

Good news for candida sufferers everywhere – we have put together a bundle to tackle all aspects of the treatment and side-effect mopping up.

Individually bought the bundle of products would cost over £130

Bundle Price only £99.00 !!!

Sample Pack illustrated;  contents may vary in manufacture or brand depending on availability :

Swanson Gymnema Sylvestre 400mg 100’s
NOW Resveratrol, 50mg, 60 Veg Capsules
Kolorex Advanced Candida Care 60s Softgels
BioCare Nutrisorb Molybdenum 15ml liquid
Oregano4 Life – Wild Oregano Oil soft gels 30

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