Betaine & Pepsin


Cytoplan Betaine & Pepsin 60 capsule

Betaine 345mg and pepsin nf 10mg

60 capsules = 30-60 days supply

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Betaine is used to maximise the absorption of vitamins and protein in the body as it is made of the same acid that we have in our stomachs, which break down nutrients and absorb them. This product is particularly helpful to people how have a lower levels of stomach acid and struggle to digest food properly.

The Pepsin is an enzyme which we also have in the stomach that helps break down the protein in your food for digestion. Specifically, it acts on the proteins in meat, eggs, dairy products, nuts, and seeds.

Some of the benefits of these supplements is that it promotes healthy stomach Ph levels, reduces food allergy and gallstone symptoms and it may also play a part in protecting the liver as it minimises the wastage from food that has to go through the liver.

As we age, hydrochloric acid production in the stomach frequently declines and this can give rise to gut symptoms including bloating and feeling excessively full for long periods after eating.

  • Hydrochloric acid has a number of important functions within the stomach – it assists with the digestion of food; creates an acidic environment in the stomach necessary for the protein-digesting enzyme pepsin to work and for the absorption of some minerals e.g. iron, calcium and zinc. It also kills undesirable bacteria in the food (i.e. sterilises ingested food)
  • Pepsin is a protein digesting enzyme produced in the stomach, where protein digestion begins. It works best at a low pH (i.e. an acidic environment)

Recommended intake:  Take 1-2 capsules with  your main meal of the day as a food supplement or as directed by your practitioner. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. This product should not be used as a substitute to a varied diet. do not break the capsule before swallowing as capsule content may damage the food enema. DO NOT TAKE IF PEPTIC ULCERS ARE PRESENT OR SUSPECTED.

  • keep out of reach of children 
  • do not use if sealing strip is missing or broken
  • BEST BEFORE DATE: use date of container
  • store in a cool and dry place


This product should not be used as means to treat certain conditions. Always consult with a doctor before consuming any type of supplements and capsules.


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