Patient experiences

We have been sent many comments and patient experiences over the years from clients who feel we have helped transform their lives after having FMT with us. We have listed a selection below.

I have Ulcerative Colitis and Proctitis disease which meant the regularity of my bowel movements restricted me from leaving the house. Every type of food was a problem, I couldn’t eat anything without using the toilet immediately after. As a consequence, I was unhealthily thin and my energy continued to decrease so much that I had to nap throughout the day. I had heard what amazing results Taymount was achieving, so I decided to have the 10-day therapy.

By day three I was already seeing obvious improvements. By the end of the 10th day, I had regular bowel movements and the foods that used to be an issue I could eat again. At the time, I was eight and a half stone and was continuing to lose weight rapidly – now I am back to a healthy weight. Also, my stomach acid (hypochlorhydria) and heavy metal toxicity has decreased, which alongside using antibiotics could have caused my Ulcerative Colitis.

5 months have passed since my last FMT implant and I am feeling amazing! FMT therapy has increased my health dramatically and is continuing to improve every day.

M. from UK 2015

My illness began in 2011. I was hit by an infection/inflammation the doctors believed. I got antibiotics for a couple of weeks and got better. The “infection” kept coming back after some time and I got antibiotics again. It went on until 2014. I reached about 30 times on antibiotics in this period, ex ciprofloxacin many times.

Morten before his FMT treatment

Morten before his FMT treatment

Today I know it was a reaction to gluten that imitated an infection, I have the gene for celiac disease, but have not developed it.

By the end of 2014 my bowel flora was so damaged. I discovered after going on gluten free diet in Feb 2015 that it was the culprit of the symptoms I had as the doctors wanted to give me antibiotics for. I ate from here painkillers daily, between 10-28 pills a day. Today, I can see the pain that came from reactions of food was from missing bacteria in the gut.

I could only eat potatoes, rice, beef that was fresh and a few other things, without feeling terrible.

I then called in sick to my work as I could not handle it anymore and was given up by the doctors in Denmark who could not find anything that could help med in 2015. They would only give me antibiotics but I refused to take it.

I came into contact with a Danish allergy doctor in Aarhus, Denmark, who told me about FMT treatment. I had never heard of it, but it seemed logical! All the antibiotics had smashed my gut, so I should “just” do the opposite of what the antibiotics had done to my body. However, my doctor said I could not get treatment in Denmark. At this time, my gut had become even worse, so I could only eat rice and fresh beef and water. Later only rice and water. I was very white in my skin at this point. This was about October in 2015.

I tried different probiotics for a long time but without effect. I understand today because they can not get stuck in our bowels. But just slipping through like the food ..

Me in October 2015. Down to 60 kg in weight, strong lack of vitamins, no energy, gut that does not work. Pain..

I went home and researched FMT on the internet. I found Taymount in December 2015. I contacted and they were really nice. I had a consultation time shortly before Christmas 2015. I was approved for treatment. I was happy, but also worried about what could happen. This was the last stop and chance when everything else had been tried. It must be no secret that suicidal thoughts were in my head. But this should only be tried first!

One year after his FMT treatment

One year after his FMT treatment

I went to the Taymount Clinic, early February 2016. It was then in Hitchin. I remember I arrived at the hotel and threw myself into the floor of sheer exhaustion when I arrived. Immediately took a nap. The hotel staff was very nice to me and met my wishes about my diet.

When I stepped into the clinic and met Annie, the patient manager, who takes care of the patients, I found out that I had come to the right place. It all made sense with FMT. The treatment started and I experienced a little change at the end of week 2 with less brain fog. During the treatments, I felt safe, but unfortunately I only remember part of my stay as I had difficulty registering because my body did not work optimally. But I remember the most treatments and I only have high thoughts about the people at Taymount.

I left and came home to Denmark. It was a really hard trip and I would like to say I was heavily pressed mentally and physically. Got 2 implant with me home that I could take. I took the first after 2 weeks and the next after a month. Now something happened .. I tried to reintroduce some food, beef, potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables. No reaction.!

After a month and a half my health progressed. I had moved home to my parents before FMT treatment because it all looked so bad, but now I was ready to move back home. I started cleaning my house all over when I moved home, my energy increased for everyday.

One month later, I could eat gluten-free products, bread, etc. And I started working again. FMT was definitely the right thing! It certainly saved my life. Before I was laying with tremors, pain, flu symptoms and migraines. All of this was gone now.

Me in September 2016. Up to 80 kg and again gained muscle and more color on the skin. Fantastic.

I have just visited the clinic in another errand here in Feb 2018. Now the clinic is in Letchworth. It has been a pleasure to see Taymount’s people again. Today, I can handle everything except gluten and very high histamine-containing foods. Over time, I think it’s getting better with histamine intolerance. Things take time; it took a long time for me to get so ill, so it will also take time to get healthy again. I want to describe myself to be 90% better. My case was really bad and so I have been advised to take some top ups. I still see results month by month.

The closest I was to a diagnosis was IBS.

Best regards from a fighting danish viking.

Morten K. from Denmark

Why did I consider FMT? After 37 years of migraine headaches, 35 years of irritable bowel syndrome, 30 years of gum disease including a huge number of mercury fillings, and 19 years after being diagnosed with MS I was still looking for solutions. In addition to the above concerns I have noted an ever increasing number of food intolerances.

Once I learned of the Taymount clinic in the UK I began to investigate more fully about where to go. I found that they have done more than 8000 transplants to date. Why not learn and work with the best and most experienced team in the world?

I found that the clinic staff was extremely professional and thorough throughout my 10 installations. In general, I felt that I was very well cared for.

What did I notice as a result? Firstly, my irritable gums, despite flossing and brushing, started to improve by day seven, then by day 14, upon returning to Canada, my dentist did a 90 minute crown preparation. She noted, happily, that my gums were much healthier with diminished bleeding on touching and manipulation. In addition, my jaw spasm, secondary to prolonged mouth opening was much reduced from the usual.

Secondly, by day eight of the installations I was up early, about 6:30 AM, and able to write with a clear head. This early morning energy and mental clarity has been absent for me for nearly 20 years. The onset of multiple sclerosis had changed me from a morning person to a poorly functioning by noon person. I am hopeful that this will persist if even to a partial degree.

To continue I saw my physiotherapist for craniosacral therapy later the same day after my crown preparation. Despite five weeks since my previous visit it was noted that my neck and back of my head were considerably less stiff and knotted. Ordinarily a transatlantic flight and an extended time between appointments would have dramatically aggravated my neck and upper back and shoulder problem.

Finally, my visit with my chiropractor on day 17 was a further revelation. She was very surprised how much more flexible my upper back and shoulders have become. For nearly 20 years this has been in an area of increased stiffness, pain, and a trigger of migraine headaches. My chiropractor is a very gifted individual with incredible assessment skills of the musculoskeletal system. At the end of the visit she said” if I did not know that it was you I would say that this is a different body!” This statement coupled with my reduced back stiffness and pain in getting out of bed in the morning further impressed me.

I am told that it is very early days for possible benefits from my procedure. However, my initial successes, most of which were not anticipated, and further confirmed by three practitioners I highly regard, makes me very happy. As I continue to read and understand the importance of our microbiome I am just beginning to grasp the significance of this synergistic and critical” virtual organ” within all of us.

Medical Doctor from Canada, 2016

When my chronic dysbiosis/GI infection became severe, defying all traditional medicine approaches and causing horrible malnourishment (½ lb of weight loss per day), my GP doctor said to me, “You’re ahead of the science.” That’s a really scary place to be.

Yes, FMT is experimental, but the Taymount Clinic has been pioneering it since the beginning. There is no substitute for real-world, hands-on treatment of patients, and Taymount has used their experience —with thousands of cases — to improve safety and effectiveness. Because of this track record and professional expertise, I took the leap and travelled from the U.S. to undergo a 2-week course of treatment.

Everyone at the clinic was professional and truly caring. The nurses put me at ease, closely tracked my responses to each procedure, and treated me with the utmost dignity. The patient liaison responded to all my (many) questions and concerns. And the administrative staff attended to every detail, including sending the prep materials ahead to my hotel. The whole experience was seamless.

Best of all, I have had a very successful outcome: the “good” microbes are doing wonders for my nutrition, metabolism, immune function, and everything else, and my health continues to gradually improve.

I’m eternally grateful to the Taymount Clinic for giving me a clean-slate start to good health. And I am living proof that it’s never too late.

L.A Ohio, USA 21/04/2016

Unlike others, I did not have a formal diagnosis – only a long list of issues without a specific cause and most of all I was suffering with debilitating pain.   Although I had food sensitivities for a number of years, the food sensitivities sky-rocketed after 4 months of IV antibiotics followed by a further 5 months of antibiotics in pill form to treat a bone-infection.   I was in constant pain, especially in my joints and back, caused by unexplained inflammation.  I was treated with spinal injections and painkillers.  The amount of food I was able to tolerate became increasingly smaller.

After much research, I decided to try FMT at the Taymount Clinic.  What happened next was something I had not dare hope for – after 7 sessions I was pain free.   Consequently, my energy levels have gone up, my brain-fog has disappeared and I feel like a new person.  It is amazing how years of pain just numbs you and slows you down – and you don’t even remember what it was like to be without.  It is incredible.  Also, I have been able to add foods without the usual downside, however, I am steering free from grain altogether until I feel my gut has healed again.

I can’t thank the wonderful people at the Taymount enough.  Everyone I dealt with was professional, warm and really caring.  You can tell that they really want the best for you and help you in every way.    If you are thinking about doing this treatment – go for it, it may just transform your life.

UK patient 2015

I am a former patient of Taymount.

It all started in 2011 after a trip to Nepal. I had some gastro enteritis there but nothing bad. After coming back, i started feeling weaker and weaker and ended up at the hospital, with blood in my stools and going to the toilet 15 times a day.

They said they found clotridium difficile but it was never ever found again arfterwards. I am sure I never got it

But I got 6 weeks of vanco…. A very strong antibiotic. They never found that bacteria again but I was feeling worse every day. I had 0 energy. Eating was just a nightmare, my body could not stand it.

I was off work very often.

Doctors told me it was psychological. I knew it was not. If they gave me my legs (strenght) back, my head would do well.

Dec 2011, still very bad. A parision doctor gave me Entocort, a crohn’s disease treatment, saying I didn’t have Chron but it might help. I took it for 9 months, it did help just a little bit, i could go back to work about 50%. It was the only thing I could do, any activity was a pain… I quit my job in 2013, i could not bear being the “disabled with no disease” person anymore and started as freelance, hoping to be able to deal better with my low energy.

Beginning of 2015, I can tell you one thing, i was dead inside, and almost dead outside.

My last hope was FMT. I was planned for June 1st 2015.

And that very day is the first day of my second life.

I realised I had been in pain for 4 years, 24/24 7/7.

The miracle was not immediate.

Over the summer, i started putting some weight on again.

Mid september, I said “I am not feeling disabled anymore, now I can do it, I can reeducate”

Step by step, i played tennis again (10 mins then 20 min…)

This winter, after 5 years I dare to try skiing again. In april, i could ski better than 5 years ago.

1st of may, I was hired for a position at doctors without jorders (100%)

Not everyone is the same, but I can say one thing:

FMT and taymount’s staff saved my life.

For almost a year now, every day is a miracle.

Thanks a lot to taymount’s staff, thanks to them I felt considered and understood. Then know what empathy is. There was no promisses but humanity.

A special thanks to Annie McCue who has been awesome to the little french girl.

I got my life back. And I appreciate it more than ever.

Testimonial from a young French lady, past patient from 2015

I have gluten and dairy intolerance, as well as difficulty digesting almost any food except for vegetables and meats. Prior to undergoing FMT, I had an upset stomach every time I tried to even have probiotic yoghurt, legumes, or almost any other food that is not part of the paleo diet. Since undergoing treatment I no longer have these digestive problems. Whilst I am still allergic to gluten and unfermented dairy, I can now digest legumes, fermented dairy and other foods without feeling pain or discomfort, a change which I attribute entirely to FMT.

I had an excellent experience at the Taymount Clinic. The staff are universally helpful, friendly and very professional. I genuinely looked forward to my daily visits to the clinic during treatment because everyone was so easy to get along with. I cannot recommend Taymount highly enough.

It has been my great pleasure to be a patient with the Taymount Clinic. I was diagnosed with IBS in 2011, and it seems to have developed as a result of an infection I picked up on trips to Costa Rica and Brazil. Since then, I’ve tested positive for and been treated for parasites, tested positive for and been treated multiple times for SIBO (treated with antibiotics), and experimented with a number of restrictive diets and supplements as prescribed by conventional, integrative, and holistic doctors and nutritionists. Some of these treatments have provided short-term improvements, but relapses of symptoms have repeatedly occurred. In addition to symptoms of digestive discomfort, I’ve also had symptoms of fatigue that have significantly impacted my ability to work over the last 4 years.

I was a patient at Taymount Clinic in March 2015. I was very impressed by the professionalism of the staff, cleanliness of the procedures and facility, and felt very comfortable and well taken care of by all the friendly, highly competent nurses. They were always patient and attentive, and the procedures all went very smoothly. I also received health and nutrition counseling on several days, which was also very informative and helpful.

By the middle of the second week of treatments, I already felt my digestive symptoms improving. I’ve been back in California for 3 months now, and my health has continued to improve since returning. Aside from a couple brief setbacks caused by not getting enough rest, I’ve felt much better in the last couple months than since before the onset of symptoms in 2011, in terms of lessened digestive symptoms, better food absorption, and more consistent energy. I’ve been able to engage socially in a way I haven’t been able to in years, and I’ve finally felt healthy enough to engage in more demanding work that I’ve also been unable to for quite some time. My energy and symptoms continue to improve, and I’m looking forward to becoming as healthy or more healthy than I was before symptoms began in 2011.

The Taymount Clinic team is both professional and compassionate. They went over and beyond to ensure a successful transplant process, and worked with my schedule and need to travel to and from the USA.

I have been diagnosed with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia, immune dysfunction, Interstitial cystitis, severe food intolerances and multiple chemical sensitivities.

I cannot even begin to articulate the difference that FMT has made to my quality of life! My energy levels have greatly improved, my food intolerances have seen a significant improvement – I am now able to treat myself with foods I could not previously tolerate. My digestive health has improved leaps and bounds. I have just completed the 3 month mark and I am now starting to see small positive changes in my immune reactions.

I will continue to get top-ups and stay on top of this. Quite frankly, I have tried everything – I mean everything and this will remain the most important tool in my health kit.

I would highly recommend FMT. Thank you, Taymount and the wonderful team there!

Having been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 25, I’m now 56 & having had 5 operations for a reacuring pelvic abscess, many courses of antibiotics & steroids, one op including a bowel resection, I had lived with diahoreah for over 25 years…. This was beyond exhausting…. In 2014 I had a full hysterectomy due to a very large fibroid that may have been cancerous ( thankfully it wasn’t) after this operation my inflammatory markers were very high & it turned out that I had picked up C.Diff …. This really did knock me sideways, I lost 3 stone, weighing 6.5 stone & my diet was really restricted…

My Dr & Specialist wanted me to try a very aggressive antibiotic to kill off the C.Diff with only a 25% success rate & the possibility of it triggering colitis! This is when I decided I had to find my own way through this nightmare..

This is for sure the best thing I have ever done for my health, I went to the Taymount Clinic as I understood they had great success in getting rid of C.Diff… I was very nervous because if this didn’t work what would I do next! I had a course of 5 FMT treatments at the clinic followed by 5 more at home…. It took a while for the treatments to kick in, a good 3 months before I would dare to believe it was working…it takes a while for the good bacterial populate.. I’ve now put some weight back on, I can eat anything i like but no gluten or lactose…. My energy is good & for the first time in 25 years I feel I have the chance of leading a normal life, in the past I had to be near a loo all the time….these days I don’t even think about it, the diahoreah is 90% gone…. My inflammatory markers are down & I believe I’m C.Diff free, I’m not even sure I ever had Crohn’s, I’ve not been back to the Drs or specialist as I feel so well….

The Taymount clinic is a one off, the care I received was above & beyond what I had hoped for, Nina, my therapist helped me get past my fears & made the whole process as easy as possible for me, the staff are really friendly, it doesn’t feel like a hospital, the treatment didn’t hurt & i felt very cared for, I really surprised myself at being able to do it for myself at home, I was taught how to do this at the clinic..

A few months ago I had a tummy bug that wouldn’t clear up so I did 2 treatments at home & I’m back on track, how amazing to know I have this available to me… My hope is that I will continue to get stronger & stronger, I will always be grateful to Glen, Enis & Nina for what they have done for me,
Basically given me my life back… What a gift….

Thank you xx


Since I was diagnosed with Crohn Disease at the age of 16 (in 2009), I always had an inflammation that was difficult to stabilize in spite of a medicinal treatment with an anti-TNFalpha product. It meant frequent abdominal pains, undone stools, regular fatigue and a CRP (C reactive protein C) blood value varying between 20 and 30.

In summer 2015, when I was 23 years old, I went to the private Taymount Clinic to receive 4 faecal implants, before returning home with 6 other implants that I could take myself. After these 10 implants, my disease showed quickly a very positive evolution. The CRP value fell down to consistently stay between 5 and 10, for more than 2 years now, my pains decreased, my fatigue also and stools became normal only a few months after implants.

In autumn, 2016, I decided to undercome an endoscopy control. It showed a complete healing of my colon, but a persistent inflammation of the small intestine.I followed the dietary advice given by Taymount in 2015 and decided to eat gluten-free most of the time gluten-free and excluded totally all dairy products of my food.I also took again half-a-dozen implants in 2017 to try to improve the healing of my small intestine. I was able to do them myself at home thanks to the remarkable service of Taymount Clinic which sent the implants to me.

I am very grateful for all the help that the Taymount Clinic was able to offer, and for the dialogue always maintained up to this day. The staff is very devoted and careful, and understand what being sick means.”

As a Nutritionist, Health Coach, and Raw Food Chef, I knew that everything started in the gut, and when I learned about the Taymount Clinic, I knew it was the answer I had been looking for, and I was right! I was pre-diabetic, I had celiac disease, I had chronic inflammation, and I felt like my body was not able to digest or process food, no matter how healthy it was. After completing 2 weeks of treatment at the Taymount Clinic, I knew I was better. 3 months after coming home my blood work came back with flying colors and all of my previous health concerns were no longer an issue. On top of all of that, it also had a huge impact on my mind. I find myself thinking clearly and seeing things a much brighter light than I did before. I wish everyone would be able to go to the Taymount Clinic, because it really can be life changing.

The Taymount  Clinic team is both professional and compassionate. They went over and beyond to ensure a successful transplant process, and worked with my schedule and need to travel to and from the USA.

I have been diagnosed with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia, immune dysfunction, Interstitial cystitis, severe food intolerances and multiple chemical sensitivities. I cannot even begin to articulate the difference that FMT has made to my quality of life! My energy levels have greatly improved, my food intolerances have seen a significant improvement – I am now able to treat myself with foods I could not previously tolerate. My digestive health has improved leaps and bounds. I have just completed the 3 month mark and I am now starting to see small positive changes in my immune reactions. I will continue to get top-ups and stay on top of this. Quite frankly, I have tried everything – I mean everything and this will remain the most important tool in my health kit.

I would highly recommend FMT.  Thank you, Taymount and the wonderful team there

I was diagnosed in a hospital in the Netherlands with IBS as a result of an antibiotic dysbiosis in the year 2013. I suddenly developed many food intolerances. I had to live with severe diet restrictions for about two years and still had an abnormal rate of diarrhoea. I was getting severely depressed, as a result of this sudden change in my life. In the summer of 2015 I contacted the Taymount Clinic and underwent treatment there. I responded well at first, but found the beneficial effect diminishing over the course of two or three months. I had two top-ups (five to seven additional FMT-treatments). In both cases I responded well in the first two months, but saw a diminishing of the positive effect over a period of time. I do need to state that my diet has become more varied and far less severe, so my quality of life has increased over all. I might be looking at a prolonged period of FMT top-ups (which does worry me as treatment is all but cheap and not refunded in my country). I have found the staff and nurses at the Taymount Clinic very helpful, very client oriented and very concerned for my overall well being. Noting but compliments for the way patients are being treated at the Taymount Clinic.

I was Diagnosed with UC in 2009 suffering with urgency and having to go to the toilet 20 times a day. The FMT and a balanced diet has cut this to 3 times a day within 2 months. Prior to my treatment I was unable to take the kids to the park by myself and leave the house before noon. I was also reliant on steroids to maintain health with no effect on the 20 times a day with medication. I have just today entered myself to Tough Mudder in April 2016, which I could not have thought of even 8 months ago.

The clinic were sympathetic to my situation and friendly. Having what I would class as extreme urgency the most worrying thing was retaining the FMT in the first place which I found difficult to start with however after trying a few different things it become more routine and comfortable when now I don’t even think about it. The advice I received from the team around Diet, lifestyle, work life balance and what they have seen has been invaluable. I am so glad I had this treatment and would recommend people with my condition to give it a go. It will give you your life back.

I have just completed a course of 10 FMT treatments with 2 top ups, 3 and 5 months later at Taymount Clinic. Health problems go back 25 years, after a series of events – salmonella infection abroad, miscarriage, emergency gallbladder removal and a caesarean section and live birth of my forth child in 1990.

There followed a decline in health and I was eventually diagnosed as having ME. This took many years to turn around through homeopathy, dietary intervention and supplements and 18 years later I was enjoying good health (but with many food intolerances).

Last year I was unfortunate in having a dental abscess which was leaking pus into my system for some months as I was not able to take antibiotics (I have been chemically sensitive since my first problems in the 1980’s). An inflammatory bowel conditions took hold and I could not get it under control at all. Food intolerances became a nightmare, with new ones almost every week and a return of the ME symptoms. My diet was very restricted, and I lost almost 2 stone in weight, having always been underweight anyway.

My GP suggested the FMT treatment and this has been my life line towards good health at last. Since having the treatment last August, I encountered a very positive and steady return to health, noticeable as improvement each week, and less intolerances. My digestion became normal for the first time in many decades, something which I never thought was possible. Weight gain has been slow and steady, with a gain of 10lbs in 6 months. There have been a couple of slight setbacks after a period of stress, but the top up treatments have worked each time. I shall continue to have these as my problems are so long standing and diverse.

I was very nervous about having the colonic, but it was nothing like I had imagined- the nurses are very experienced and made me feel very comfortable about the whole process. The treatment itself was easy, not at all unpleasant very quickly administered. I think the care given at the clinic is exceptional in every respect. The is due to the whole team being passionate about their work and taking a personal and friendly interest in all their patients.

I’ve been a sufferer of ulcerative colitis for the last 15 years and I am currently in the middle of receiving FMT treatment at the Taymount Clinic. I have had 4 treatments so far, with another 6 to go.

Over the last 24 hours I have begun to see noticeable positive shifts in my body. There has been less inflammation, better BMs and increased energy levels. I have even seen a reduction in. hand tremor that I have never previously associated with my UC.

Everyone at the clinic has been warm, caring, professional and in general have made the process as easy and comfortable as possible. The nurses and other staff are all fantastic and I feel like their process makes a lot of sense, maximising the likelihood of a positive outcome.

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 14 years ago and the disease has been managed until recently with mesalamine. But the highest dose of mesalamine began to fail. I turned to the Taymount Clinic to address a possible dysbiosis rather than begin taking powerful drugs that would down regulate my immune system.

It has been one month since my last treatment at the clinic, and I can say that both my GI health and my spirits have been much improved. I have experienced all perfectly healthy days from a GI perspective since my treatments ended. I plan to begin reducing my medication shortly. I have had more energy and have been using some of that energy to improve my diet. While it would be impossible for me to say for sure what has allowed me to be happier lately, I think it’s because now I know that there’s an alternative to years of drugs and their side-effects, mad also the removal of much of the worry associated with the disease.

I was diagnosed with UC – Pancolitis 5 years ago. After 5 implants I had my first solid stools in 2 years and after all 10 I am generally feeling much healthier, more energetic and have fewer bowel movements. All at Taymount were lovely. The nurses made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.

I came to the Taymount Clinic with ulcerative Colitis and before treatment I was experiencing very painful bowel movements and was having between 8-10 a day, often with blood and mucus. After the first transplant my bowel movements immediately calmed down and were not as frequent and after about 3 days the bleeding and mucus stopped, and my bowel movements were down to 2-3 a day. In other ways my mood improved and felt a lot calmer inside.

I found the staff at Taymount extremely kind, helpful and welcoming. The whole time I felt very relaxed and the treatment was straightforward.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 9 years ago. About 2 years ago I started having some significant decline that I could no longer pretend wasn’t happening. My digestion, brain activity, walking and sight became impaired and I experienced fatigue all the time. I spent much of the day laying down.

I found Taymount once I began to learn about the microbiome and managed to get to England to do the 2-week treatment. While there I actually experienced a few days where I felt like all of my symptoms were gone! This was very telling me and completely a miracle. Since being home, 3 weeks now, my digestion is hugely improved and my brain function. I feel more sharp and clear than I have in years. My walking is improving with every day and the fatigue is also getting much better. An SI joint injury that has been major obstacle for my walking has finally begun to heal. I do not notice any weird sight things anymore and my sight is crisp. The fear that I have been in for years has lifted. This may be the best part of all and I can feel that daily I will continue to improve FINALLY! With all that I have tried over the years to help myself, I think I have finally found an answer. Once home I immediately start an online training I had been considering for almost a year but couldn’t get motivated to do. All this after steady decline for years.

The staff at Taymount are so wonderful. I enjoyed all the days I was there with them. They are professional and very caring. They made the experience nothing but pleasant and. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience under the circumstances. I am very thankful to them.

Although I only expected to recover from my histamine intolerance symptoms related to food, for which I have improved remarkably, I have also recovered from other symptoms such as heat intolerance (or temperature change intolerance), and artificial light intolerance. These symptoms which I also have with the sun light (much stronger), and mainly dizziness, nausea, and headache, all at the same time, appearing after about 30 seconds of exposure. The only thing I wanted to do was to run away from any place where I felt these symptoms, the problem was that I also started to have them in my kitchen!  (the flats the warmest room due to the hot water pipes under the floor). My everyday chores because a living nightmare.

The FMT has changed my life. I was terribly worried about the forthcoming summer and was planning to move to a Scandinavian country. My treatment took places in April (2015). This is my first summer since I developed Histamine intolerance, I had terrible problems last winter. I had to turn off the heating in my flat and live with the windows opened. For a couple of months, I also had to live with candles, as I could not stand artificial lights. I lived with candles and without heating, just as in the middle ages! I started to notice some changes when I came back from Hitchin, the temperature was 26 degrees in my home city and I did not experience the terrible symptoms I had before leaving!

I am not enjoying a lively summer, always wearing a hat outdoors (easy to manage), working, back to my normal weight, enjoying many different kinds of foods, although still working on slowly increasing moderate histamine containing foods. The last part of the recovery form HI will be introducing rich containing histamine foods (yoghurt, old cheeses, vinegar, alcohol, etc.)

My treatment at Taymount Clinic went very well. All the nurses were absolutely lovely, helpful and understanding. All the staff were very supportive. My deepest thanks to all the staff from the Taymount Clinic for the wonderful work they are doing.

I’m not 100% sure of the full effect that FMY has had on me (it’s only been 3 weeks post FMT) but what I can say is during my treatment my symptoms greatly reduced (bloating, nausea, diarrhoea, SIBO symptoms, muscle aches, fatigue and low energy). Since my treatment has finished my energy levels have improved, my polymyositis is now in remission (for the first time in 15 months), bloating has decreased most days. I am currently trying to broaden my diet, and this has come with some challenges so until these settle this will also cloud some of the potential improvements being noted.

The staff (at Taymount) were amazing, so supportive, approachable and really very caring which made an enormous difference to me everyone was very positive but realistic in terms of what may or may not happen during my treatment which was good. I felt very well looked after and also, I felt staff were knowledgeable and able to answer my questions as they arose. I felt privileged and lucky to have the opportunity to be part of this essentially pioneering experience.

I was diagnosed with severe left sided Ulcerative Colitis in January 2012 and thanks to the Taymount Clinic I am now medication free! None of my medication worked for me so I was facing surgery to have my colon removed. Since receiving FMT, my symptoms have improved massively. Previously, I was having BM’s about 10-15 times a day and throughout the night with bleeding, straining and pain. FMT has reduced all of those things!

I do still flare but not in the same way and much less frequently. When I do, I ned a treatment or salve to help me along but not steroids or immunosuppressant. FMT combined with diet changes has saved me from surgery and all the horrible side effects of medication.

The Taymount Clinic staff were incredibly professional and re-assuring the whole way through my treatment. The support and kindness I have been shown by the nurses and patient liaison manager, has gone above and beyond what any clinic would normally offer. I trust them, and they help calm my anxieties which is a huge help when going through the FMT process and transitioning from medication to the FMT lifestyle.

I was a very nervous patient, I was terrified that it wasn’t going to work and I’m sure this is typical of many ulcerative Colitis patient at the clinic. My experience of the Taymount has been constant re-assurance, genuine follow up phone calls and questions answered quickly and honestly. I just can’t recommend Taymount clinic highly enough!

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