Book an FMT Consultation at one of our leading Digestive Health Centres

The Taymount Clinic for digestive health and wellbeing currently has two centres, one in the UK and a sister clinic in the Bahamas, both which employ the Taymount FMT model and procedure. We treat each patient individually and with the care and respect you need and deserve. At the FMT consultation, you will be talked through the FMT process, including the FMT programme availability and preparation procedures. Resistant Clostridium difficile Infection (RCDI) cases are treated as emergencies and will be scheduled as soon as possible as a matter of urgency. C Diff. patients are treated over the course of 5 days with a specially designed C Diff. FMT programme.

Our UK Gut Health Centre

FMT consultations in the UK are carried out in the beautiful county of Hertfordshire, 30 minutes north of London, with excellent transport links.  Our FMT trained staff, most of whom are qualified nutritional therapists, will guide you through the therapy, including post-therapy care. At the UK FMT clinic we offer a 30 minute telephone consultation to assess your needs and suitability. The FMT consultation is conducted by telephone. If you then decide you would like to book onto one of our programmes, we will send you our ‘Preparation for FMT’ leaflet, and you will also receive ongoing consultations throughout your treatment. If there is any documentation about your medical history and conditions, then we ask that this is sent to the clinic once the booking is confirmed.

Once you have booked with us, FMT therapy is scheduled over a 10 day duration. You will spend 2 weeks with us, in clinic Monday-Friday each week, with the middle weekend off. Over these two weeks, we do stress that it is important to relax as much as possible. This time is your investment in you and your wellbeing. We advise looking at Airbnb for accommodation choices in the local area.

Note: The Taymount Clinic cannot supply statistics for any likely clinical outcome as clinical trials are ongoing for many conditions.  Please refer to our frequently asked questions (FAQs).  However we urge all patients and potential patients to discuss the use of FMT for your condition with your primary health provider.

The Taymount Clinic reserves the right to either withhold or to withdraw an offer for therapy at any time if it is considered that FMT is unlikely to provide a favourable outcome.

Our Bahamas FMT Centre

The Bahamas Medical Center in Nassau in partnership with the Taymount Clinic, has become the first private hospital in the Americas, to offer FMT across a broad spectrum of diseases.

The Medical Centre and the FMT section is led by Mr Barry Rassin and managed by RN Sakina Sands, who heads up the specialist FMT team.

The Bahamas is a wonderful location to rest, relax and get well. The Bahamas Medical Center  is located just 30 minutes flight from Florida, and all consultations are conducted by one of our consultant specialists.