At our digestive health clinics, we promote good gut health. We specialise in FMT and restoring the good bacteria and microbiota in the gut to normal diversity and density. Each of our patients is given a programme to follow which includes a health and wellbeing model.


Faecal microbiota transplant (FMT) takes healthy gut microbiota from a carefully screened donor, and implants them in a simple procedure into the gut of a patient who suffers from common gut health problems. There are many studies and trials which have been undertaken and are underway to demonstrate the use of FMT in digestive health and neurological health conditions. For links to some of these please refer to our references and sources section.


If you are suffering with a gut problem or neurological condition and want to find out if FMT could work for you, book an FMT consultation today. Every patient is different and the results vary from patient to patient. Read some of our patient stories here.


Researching intestinal bacteria since 2003, the Taymount Clinic is a recognised world leader in applying Faecal Microbiota Transplant or FMT procedures to create a “normal” bacterial environment in patients with a broad range of conditions.

The Taymount Clinic is one of the world’s leading digestive health centres. Patient care is our number one priority and as such you will be provided with one-to-one care and advice from the minute you book your appointment with us.

Patient safety

Patient safety is of paramount importance to us. We have worked hard over the years to ensure we offer the safest and highest quality care for our patients.  We pride ourselves on a number of principles at our digestive health centre, and recommend you use the guidelines below when choosing where to have your FMT treatment.

Patient safety

We do not use fresh FMT donor material. There are some pathogens and conditions that are not detectable by test at an early stage of their infection, for example Hepatitis. It is vitally important therefore to quarantine under deep freeze conditions all material for a minimum of three months to allow any latent disease to reveal itself.


We do not deliver implants of whole stool – we use only the vital preserved microbial content of the donor stool – not the donor’s food (which the recipient may be allergic too), epithelial cells, hormones or excreted toxins. We take a safety aliquot (a sample) from every single implant and store it in our deep freezers at -80ºC for a period of time, which allows for subsequent testing should the need arise.

Fully trained staff supervise the procedure

We have a team of specialist fully trained FMT Practitioners, Naturopaths and Nutritional Therapists who deliver the programme.


We continue to work with a leading insurance broker to establish a specific insurance policy for FMT treatments in the clinic and have a separate Product Liability Policy for the implants.  This can only be achieved by working closely with insurance companies to demonstrate consistent safety procedures. Tay mount Clinic for digestive health has sufficiently proved its processes, to assure the underwriters that we are operating in a safe way.

Qualifications & Standards

Taymount is in the qualification period for Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA) – further confirmation that our processes, equipment and patient care are of a required standard and that our staff are properly trained and monitored. We are certified with the CPD and accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association)


FMT is not a direct replacement for medical treatment; always consult your medical professional in the first instance. The Taymount Clinic cannot supply statistics for any likely clinical outcome as clinical trials are ongoing for many conditions. Please contact the Taymount Clinic if you have any questions you wish to discuss. However we urge all patients and potential patients to discuss the use of FMT for their condition with their primary health provider. For more detailed scientific publications referencing Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT Treatment) please go to references and sources. If you would like to book a consultation appointment, please click below

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