Taymount Partner Clinics


Are trained and supported by
Taymount Clinic (UK) staff


Comply with the Taymount Clinic Standard


Are regularly monitored by our team


Are improving access worldwide


Provide a high level of expertise


Only use Taymount Clinic FMT provider


Taymount Bahamas

Taymount Bahamas is located in the Doctors Hospital West in Nassau. The Bahamas is the first private clinic in the region to offer FMT. Easily accessible for USA patients by a 30-minute flight from Florida, Taymount Bahamas offers FMT treatments guided by the UK Taymount FMT Standard.

With an extensive team of experienced physicians, including gastroenterologists and neurologists, Taymount Bahamas delivers outstanding care for patients in line with the valuable benefits supplied at Taymount Clinic UK.


Symptomedica Clinic

By partnering with a prestigious clinic in Slovakia, Taymount Clinic is excited to offer our patients a more accessible option to undergo our highly sought-after program within the European Union. This collaboration provides an opportunity for the exchange of intestinal microbiota using trusted faecal transplants. We are dedicated to expanding access to our innovative treatments and improving gut health for individuals in Slovakia and Taymount Clinic partners.


Milz & Bieber

By partnering with Milz & Bieber, a renowned healthcare provider in Germany, Taymount Clinic is delighted to extend our services and expertise to a wider audience of patients. This collaboration creates new opportunities for individuals in Germany and Europe  to benefit from our innovative treatment and experience the transformative effects of gut health rebalancing. Together with Milz & Bieber, we are committed to delivering exceptional care and improving the lives of our patients.

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If your practice is looking to develop your professionalism and expertise in the field of FMT, there can be no better way than engaging in a productive and collaborative partnership with Taymount Clinic.

We offer extensive training and mentoring programmes to ensure you can be fully compliant and able to offer your patients the most advanced, innovative and effective FMT treatments to improve gut health.

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