View FMT-related deaths in America linked to US donor screening

FMT-related deaths in America linked to US donor screening

Media reports worldwide are linking the death of two clients and the hospitalisation of a further four clients in the United States to unscreened pathogens in FMT implants provided by a major US FMT manufacturer.  We would like offer our sympathies to the families of the deceased and all involved. Early reports are attributing the…

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View Juicing Detox and Self Care Evening

Juicing Detox and Self Care Evening

Tuesday evening 4/2/2020 (at Kings Langley, at the High Street cafe, Fred and Ginger: an evening of inspiration and information. Janey Lee Grace (pictured on the right) was joined by Michele Kaye (middle photo) and presented juicing detox and self-care tips. Our Taymount senior therapist, Annie McCue (who escaped the photographer!) was in attendance along…

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View Food Matters 2019

Food Matters 2019

Food Matters is an annual event which aims to educate, inspire and inform interested people and related trades of the current trends and products in the food scene.  this year the recurring theme was Vegan foods and there was an additional thread running through the exhibitors of drinks – probiotic, energy, healthful, vegan and all…

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View What is Functional Medicine?

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an holistic, client-centred approach to healthcare. It looks at how the environment, genetics and lifestyle choices interact and treats the client as a whole, unique individual. It allows for true personalisation of healthcare by deep-diving into the root causes of ill health, and shifts the focus away from reactive medicine- treating established…

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View Recent US FDA Warning over Fecal Transplants.

Recent US FDA Warning over Fecal Transplants.

Medical news from America recently has featured the sad death of an immune-compromised client receiving a “fecal transplant” as part of a clinical trial in America. We wish to add our condolences to the client’s family at this difficult time. It is an emerging speculation that US clinicians supplying the “fecal transplant” material failed to…

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View Allergy Awareness Week

Allergy Awareness Week

Hello spring, hello allergies! As spring approaches, so do allergies for many people.  April holds the Allergy Awareness Week which takes place between the 23rd – 29th April 2018. What is an allergy? An allergy is a type of response our body’s immune system produces to certain substances (allergens). In most people, these allergens pose…

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