Microbiome lab test

DNA stool analysis.

Meet and know your microbiome

Meet your gut microbiome: a community of micro-organisms that keep you healthy.

Partnering with Atlas Biomed, the Taymount Clinic offers clients the opportunity to test their gut microbiome.  The test results are provided on a 47-page report, which looks at the presence and amount of species expected to be found in a human gut.

Clients can download the free Atlas Biomed App,  which links directly to their test results, to guide them through dietary choices, tailored to their specific needs highlighted by the results of the test.  There is even handy shopping list suggestions, week by week, to guide towards a healthy diet.

Analyse 100+ components of your gut microbiome

Analyse 100+ components of your gut microbiome

Discuss key findings in your test report

Discuss key findings in your test report

Explore implications for your health and well-being

Explore implications for your health and well-being

Identify actionable insights to improve your digestive health

Identify actionable insights to improve your digestive health

All that is needed is a very small stool sample sent off in a postal kit.

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Person's handing holding microbiome test pack.

Atlas BioMed stool sample collection kit

What is microbiome lab testing?

Atlas uses advanced technology to analyse the DNA of your gut bacteria. Unlike conventional laboratory analysis, the Atlas Microbiome Test not only qualitatively determines the composition of bacteria, it calculates the proportion of different types of bacteria in the microbiome.The 16S rRNA sequencing used for the Atlas test is more sensitive: it can detect bacteria that cannot be cultivated in Petri dishes (the method routinely employed by laboratories for stool sample analysis).

The Atlas Microbiome Test analyses the types of bacteria present and their proportion in the overall microbiome. It provides information about the various functions of your gut bacteria, like the extent to which they protect you against certain diseases and inflammation, as well as what vitamins they synthesise. You will also get recommendations to improve and maintain the balance of your microbiome by adding specific foods to your diet.

Microbiome lab testing can be used as a one-off test, or regularly to monitor your microbiome over time.

Personalised interpretation

Your test results provide a comprehensive interpretation including personalised dietary advice.  If you download the free App, you even get shopping help to guide you on your dietary choices to support your microbiome.  The report helps you to:

  • Explore the role of the microbiome in health
  • Understand how diet influences your gut bacteria
  • Optimise your fibre intake and ability to process vitamins
  • Gain personalised dietary advice
  • Access a simple, fun way to achieve better diet and microbiome diversity

If you still have questions, you’re welcome to book a 30-minute telephone consultation with one of our nutritional advisors who will go through your test results with you.

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How it works


Request a test kit and follow instructions for payment.


Receive a test kit. Simply provide a small sample of fecal matter and return it by post.


Receive your comprehensive results and helpful interpretation information

Optional Consultation

If required, one of our nutritional advisors will help you to understand and interpret your results

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The care I received was above and beyond what I had hoped for … my therapist helped me get past my fears and made the whole process as easy as possible … The staff are really friendly, it doesn't feel like a hospital, the treatment didn't hurt. I felt very cared for.

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I’m considering a Gut Flora Transplant (FMT) – do i need a lab test?

Clients completing a FMT Programme with us do not need to undertake a baseline microbiome lab test prior to starting their Gut Flora Transplants (FMT) but some clients opt to measure any changes with a repeat test some months later.

A laboratory test can be repeated a minimum of 3 months post-GFTs to monitor and review changes to the microbiome.

If you are considering GFT, but are unsure if it is right for you, the microbiome test may provide a basis for an informed decision. It does need to be born in mind that the microbiome can change daily, even meal by meal, so the test is just a snapshot of the state of the gut at a moment in time.

Every test includes a comprehensive results report, but if required an additional (optional) 30-minute phone consultation with a nutritional  advisor can be booked to help you interpret the results and consider your next steps

Can I use a lab test to check my digestive health is on-track?

Yes, we recommend taking an annual or bi-annual microbiome lab test as regular monitoring check on your digestive health.

Who can take a microbiome lab test?

We can offer the microbiome lab test to all ages, but we can only offer FMT to adults over 18 (for individuals aged 16 to 18 we require parental consent).

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Meet your microbiome – £139.00 including tax and P&P.

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