Taymount Canada Microbiome Health

Taymount Canada is a privately owned health facility in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, just a short drive from Victoria on Vancouver Island just off the mainland west coast of Canada.  Taymount Canada  is located within the Genoa Integrative Health and Wellness Centre  which is best found at www.genoalasertherapy.com.

The Taymount Canada clinic is coordinated by Denise Code, (MSc Nutrition). Denise worked in the health care system.   Her interest in FMT (now termed GFT for Gut Flora Transplant) and the Taymount Clinic in the UK was initiated in March 2016 when her husband, Bill Code, M.D. had his first FMT (GFT) treatment to help his MS symptoms.  Denise’s staff are all trained in nutritional therapy, as this is the secret to long term microbiome health. We believe the administration of GFT further increases the gut’s recovery from C. difficile, inflammation, or other symptoms of gut dysbiosis.

3110 Gibbins Road,

Telephone: 1-250-701-5380
Email: info@taymountcanada.com