Institute Predictive Personalised Medicine

IPPM – We are a privately owned medical institute based in Bratislava, Slovakia, with focus on predictive and personalized medicine using the newest methods of molecular diagnostics and orthomolecular medicine. Our main role is the active management and prevention of chronic illnesses caused by unhealthy lifestyle, such as IBD, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, especially diseases of the coronary system (including myocardial infarction), stroke, diabetes, food intolerance and allergies.

As a proud partner of Taymount clinic, we are one of handful of clinics in central Europe offering faecal microbiota transplantations and the only clinic offering FMT for indications other than c. diff treatment.

Our Main Areas of Expertise

  • Genetics (Nutrigenomics)
  • Immunology (testing of antibodies in the blood) 
  • Biochemistry (monitoring of bio-markers and exogenous toxic substances) 
  • Microbiome diagnostics
  • FMT therapy

If you wish to consult with the IPPM clinic, with a view to having your FMT treatment there, please click here

Hanácka 1492/9,
821 04 Bratislava,

Telephone: +421 911 212 838

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