Bahamas Medical Center

Taymount Clinic @Bahamas Medical Center is located on the western end of sunny New Providence Island in The Bahamas. The clinic follows the protocols established at the UK clinic and the gut bacteria used to treat patients in The Bahamas are harvested and flown in from the UK. The physician team at Taymount Clinic @Bahamas Medical Center includes Gastroenterologists, a Neurologist, an Emergency Medical Practitioner and a Pediatrician to best meet the needs of patients presenting with a variety of medical conditions and concerns. For Fecal Microbiota Transplant treatment a half hour flight from Florida, visit Taymount Clinic @Bahamas Medical Center in Nassau, Bahamas.

If you wish to consult with the BAHAMAS clinic, with a view to having your FMT treatment there, please click here

Blake Road,
The Bahamas

Telephone: 866-277-5054

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