GFT (FMT) Programme

Restoring gut bacteria to improve gut health.

Restore your gut microbiome with our 10 day Gut Flora Transplant (FMT*) Programme.

Receive 10 Gut Flora Transplants (GFTs), over 10 days at Taymount Clinic (UK) with a ‘rest weekend’ between days 5 and 6.

Alongside the GFTs, we will explore how to improve gut health through personalised dietary and lifestyle advice.

*Fecal Microbiota Transplantation

What to expect

  • Guidance on how to prepare for GFT
  • Day 1: Colon lavage and GFT (FMT) implant (2 hours)
  • Day 2-10: A daily GFT (FMT) implant (1 hour per day)
  • 1:1 support from a GFT (FMT) Practitioner
  • GFT (FMT) implants from 10 different donors
  • Tailored dietary and lifestyle advice
  • A post GFT plan
  • 2 free extra implants to bank or take home

At each stage of the process, our team will be on-hand to support you with information and advice.

Our team

The Taymount Clinic team is both professional and compassionate. They went over and beyond to ensure a successful transplant process and worked with my schedule and need to travel to and from the USA.

Client (name and address supplied)

Taymount GFT (FMT) Standard

We quarantine for 3 to 6 months to protect your safety

We only transplant microbial cells

We use 10 donors per client to increase microbial diversity


We offer accommodation for clients booking on our 10 day GFT (FMT) Programme.

This serviced accommodation has everything you need for a relaxing and comfortable stay, including self-catering facilities, private luxury bathrooms and close proximity to our Clinic.

Please ask for details when booking your Programme.

The GFT (FMT) programme

GFT (FMT) 10 Day Programme

10 day Gut Flora Transplant (FMT) programme at our UK clinic

Price excludes accommodation and travel.

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£3960 including tax

Is GFT (FMT) right for me?

We see people with a wide range of digestive and chronic (long-term) conditions. Use our GFT (FMT) consultation to explore if GFT is right for you, with no obligation to proceed.

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for Taymount Clinic UK

£37.50 including tax

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For a consultation with a Taymount Partner Clinic please book with the Partner Clinic direct.

Price excludes accommodation and travel.

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