50 Foods Challenge Grid

Diet diversity to support healthy gut flora.

Use the 50 Foods Challenge Grid to enhance your diet diversity.

The 50 Foods Challenge Grid is a simple tool, designed to support diet diversity.

Eating a diverse diet supports healthy gut flora by helping a wide range of microbial cells to thrive.

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The challenge

Initially created for patients receiving Faecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT), the 50 Foods Grid is a useful tool for anyone seeking to nurture their microbiome by maintaining healthy gut flora.

Use the 50 Foods Challenge Grid to track your diet and broaden your choices:

  • Monitor your diet easily
  • Achieve diet diversity
  • Eat healthily without following a prescriptive diet
  • No diet rules, just fun challenges!
  • Explore new, adventurous food choices

This grid tool supports the information and support provided in the 50 Foods Challenge Book.

More about the Challenge

50 Foods Challenge Grid

A printed, laminated double-sided chart comes with a wipe-clean surface and a special pen that dries quickly but wipes off with a damp tissue.

Fill your chart over a week, take a photo of it, wipe it clean and start again. The Challenge Grid makes a great food diary if you need help or advice on changing your diet, so keep the photos of each week.

50 Foods Challenge Grid Pack — £9.99

Includes: 50 Foods Challenge Book, Laminated Grid and free pen.

50 Foods Challenge Grid — £4.99

Includes: Laminated Grid and free pen.

Diversity on the plate equals diversity in the gut.

Glenn Taylor, Co-Founder, Taymount Clinic

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