FMT Programme

10 day Gut Flora Transplant (FMT*) Programme.

Receive 10 FMT Transplants, over 10 days at Taymount Clinic (UK) with a ‘rest weekend’ between days 5 and 6.

Alongside the FMTs, we will explore how to improve gut health through personalised dietary and lifestyle advice.

*Fecal Microbiota Transplantation

What to expect

  • Guidance on how to prepare for FMT
  • Day 1: Colon lavage and FMT implant (2 hours)
  • Days 2-10: A daily FMT implant (1 hour per day)
  • 1:1 support from a FMT Practitioner
  • FMT implants from 10 different donors
  • Tailored dietary and lifestyle advice
  • A post-FMT plan

At each stage of the process, our team will be on-hand to support you with information and advice.

The Taymount Clinic team is both professional and compassionate. They went over and beyond to ensure a successful transplant process and worked with my schedule and need to travel to and from the USA.

Patient (name and address supplied)

Taymount FMT (GFT) Standard

We quarantine for 3 to 6 months to protect your safety

We only transplant microbial cells

We use 10 donors per patient to increase microbial diversity


We offer accommodation for patients booking on our 10 day FMT Programme.

This serviced accommodation has everything you need for a relaxing and comfortable stay, including self-catering facilities, private luxury bathrooms and close proximity to our Clinic.

Please ask for details when booking your Programme.


Our FAQs are not to be interpreted as instructions for home treatments. We advise against DIY treatments for many safety reasons.

Do you know of any hormonal reactions related to FMT?

Learn how we extract microbial cells from donated stools in our lab, thus removing all hormones from the material, before creating our FMT implants.

Video transcript

The gender of the donor against the recipient is a question we are asked all the time. The essential thing to eradicate during the laboratory procedure were certain risk factors. Hormones are usually excreted through urine, but can end up in faeces. Effectively we do a ‘double rinse’ – hormones are removed in water through the processing of the stool.

Is the FMT process painful?

Discover how we administer transplants direct to the colon, using a paediatric catheter to enhance patient comfort. Our patients report that the procedure is painless.

How do you administer the implant?

Some FMT researchers use a ‘top-down” process where a nasogastric tube is inserted and tracked down through the esophagus and stomach, sometimes into the duodenum.

For a number of reasons (which include client comfort) we prefer to use a rectal catheter infusion of the implant that delivers the transplanted gut flora directly to the large bowel (colon).

Can you treat children?

In UK law, only paediatricians with a current medical licence can treat children under the age of 16. Therefore, at present Taymount Clinic CANNOT accept children under the age of 16 as clients.

This situation will change, when we engage a paediatrician to consult at Taymount Clinic. Until then, regrettably, we cannot treat children or provide advice to parents. It is an emotive subject and we fully understand parents’ desperation when they contact us for advice. FMT is still in a research phase and UK law has a strong view on parents who attempt a non-clinical and “experimental” treatment on a child.

Taymount Bahamas Clinic has a resident paediatrician and will consider clients between the ages of 5 and 18. Each case is considered on its own merit through consultation and of course, travel to The Bahamas is necessary for any FMT programmes offered.

Is your FMT Programme available on the UK National Health Service?

We are a private clinic with no connection to the UK NHS. Any UK NHS client wishing to have this treatment paid for by the NHS will have to directly approach their own doctor to ask if their area CCG – Clinical Commissioning Group (formerly called a PCT – Primary Care Trust) will fund their treatment from the local health budget.

The Taymount Clinic cannot do this on a client’s behalf. As of this date we need to report that no CCG in the UK has offered to fund a client’s treatment. We have had two client referrals from leading NHS Gastroenterologists in the UK, but they are on the basis that the client funds their own Programme.

Taymount Clinic will not accept responsibility for any outcomes howsoever caused from anyone using these FAQs as part of a home treatment protocol not individually and expressly sanctioned by the Taymount Clinic.

The FMT programme

FMT 10 Day Programme

10 day Gut Flora Transplant (FMT) programme at our UK clinic

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Use our FMT consultation to find out if you can have FMT.

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