Here at the Taymount Clinic we are extremely fortunate to have an excellent group of regular donors, without whom our patients would not be able to receive FMT. Our donors come from all walks of life, but tend to lead active and healthy lifestyles and have a love of outdoors. Many of our donors are from caring professions such as firemen, nurses, naturopaths, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals.
We need the healthiest people we can find in order to make the highest quality implants for our treatments. Each of our donors is carefully selected and screened in our stringent qualification process. We do not recommend our patients find their own donor for many reasons.

What does it take to be a donor

Before we get to the testing stage, we have both an informal interview and a written questionnaire. These two events cover all aspects of the donor’s life, from social, sexual, occupational and BMI history. We need to know that someone has not crash-dieted to look good on the interview day and may have a history of obesity behind them. We also need to know that they are of sound mind and cheerful disposition, but more importantly we look for the altruistic approach and the motive behind their wanting to be a donor. What kind of person are they? What do they want from their donorship?

We also screen for occupation and social status as we don’t want anybody doing this just for the money. If they are able to feed themselves thoughtfully and without budget restrictions, they are more likely to respond to improvement suggestions for their diet. We look for well-balanced, socially aware individuals who genuinely want to help others. The kind of people who would give blood or work in occupations where they put themselves out to help others as a matter of course are the people we invite for screening.

We believe that it is not just a biological thing, it is a social, financial, emotional and physiological consideration.

We require donors to be able to donate a minimum of three times per week, and as they are required to bring their sample into the clinic each day, we advise that all donors who apply live within a 15 mile radius of Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire.

Testing Process

The Taymount banks implants taken from our regularly screened donors, who have undergone a full detailed list of laboratory tests every 3 months. All donors are obliged to follow a high-nutrient, probiotic and pre-biotic rich diet. All are non-smokers, with a slim body disposition, free from mental illness, have a well-functioning digestive system and with no antibiotics in their recent history.