Ulcerative Colitis

For those living with Ulcerative Colitis, every day life can seem like a real challenge. Not knowing when a flare-up will occur puts many sufferers on edge throughout their life.

What is Ulcerative Colitis?

Ulcerative Colitis is a chronic condition that causes inflammation and ulceration of the inner lining of the rectum and colon (the large bowel). Inflammation normally begins in the rectum and lower colon, but it can affect the entire colon. Tiny ulcers develop on the surface of the lining and these may bleed.  Symptoms vary but can include:

  • Abdominal pain and diarrhoea
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Feeling generally unwell
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Anaemia

People with Ulcerative Colitis can develop other conditions outside of the gut, many affecting the eyes, skin and joints, such as arthritis, weaker bones, liver inflammation and swellings on the legs.

What causes UC and is there a cure?

A lot of research has been undertaken into the causes of Ulcerative Colitis, but there is still no known single cause. Like Chrohn’s Disease, genetics and lifestyle factors may play some part.

There isn’t a cure, but a lot can be done with medication and surgery to help keep symptoms at bay. Treatment plans depend on the severity of each individual case.

FMT and Ulcerative Colitis

Patient experience:

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 9 years ago. I became VERY intolerant to gluten. I had almost constant bleeding and consumed a lot of medicine for that.

FMT, in my opinion, is the best thing that happened to me ever! I have my life back. I can function like a “normal” person. The bleeding stopped completely and I feel unbelievably great. My stool is back to normal and I am not as intolerant to gluten as I was before. The pain has completely disappeared and I have way more energy than before. I have started training again and can also drink coffee after more than two years of being without coffee! I would recommend this treatment anyone!

My experience with Taymount Clinic and all the personnel is that they are VERY professional, very friendly and great people to deal with. I took some FMT implants home to administer myself. This was easy to do and understand.


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