Delicious recipes created by the nutritionists at The Taymount Clinic. Promoting the very best of gut health by using the best ingredients to support and nourish your gut and your good gut bacteria. Join the clean eating revolution and try something different. “Diversity on the plate equals diversity in the gut” – Glenn Taylor

View Liquid Gold – The Health Benefits of Ghee

Liquid Gold – The Health Benefits of Ghee

  Liquid Gold – The Health Benefits of Ghee Ghee is a dairy product which is made by heating cow’s butter and removing the water and milk solids.  As all but a trace of the milk sugars and proteins is removed, it much more likely to be tolerated by those with an intolerance to casein…

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View Gut Gummie Recipe

Gut Gummie Recipe

Gut bacteria reside in their home – the intestinal barrier.  If you want to have a beneficial ecosystem in your gut & support your health, you need also to support the health of the intestinal barrier. Try out our Gut Gummies Recipe, which help to boost the health of your intestinal barrier and in turn…

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View Friday Ferments – Kefir recipes

Friday Ferments – Kefir recipes

Kefir recipes – Friday Ferments! Kefir recipes. Kefir contains communities of probiotic bacteria and yeasts. Learn how to make an astonishing variety of health-promoting foods and drinks. Here are a few Kefir recipes for you to try, good gut health to you!! Here’s another Kefir recipe shown by Dr Enid Taylor of the Taymount Clinic…

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View Chia Pudding with Blueberry Sauce – Sugar Free!

Chia Pudding with Blueberry Sauce – Sugar Free!

 Chia Pudding. The day before… For your Chia Pudding you will need, 2 cups liquid – I used a mixture of coconut milk, yogurt, almond milk (just using up small amou nts left over in various cartons). ¼ cup white chia seeds (the black ones make for a grey pudding so get the white ones…

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