Delicious recipes created by the nutritionists at The Taymount Clinic. Promoting the very best of gut health by using the best ingredients to support and nourish your gut and your good gut bacteria. Join the clean eating revolution and try something different. “Diversity on the plate equals diversity in the gut” – Glenn Taylor

View Coconut nests

Coconut nests

Happy Easter! This recipe is so yummy, slightly soft yet chewy and a little sweet – not to forget it’s healthy, gluten-free and vegan! Flax is low in carbohydrates but extremely high in both soluble and insoluble fibre, which means it supports colon detoxification and reduces sugar cravings. One benefit of flaxseed is it contains…

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View Silken Tofu Chocolate Mousse

Silken Tofu Chocolate Mousse

If you’ve never tried a silken tofu chocolate mousse before, this recipe will take you completely by surprise! It’s rich, velvety smooth, creamy, and unbelievably easy to whip up. You’ll never guess that this is vegan, gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free. Perfect as a light after dinner treat or as a healthy snack. Tofu is derived from soya and is an important…

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View Warming Coconut and Vegetable Soup (serves 4)

Warming Coconut and Vegetable Soup (serves 4)

Ingredients  Paste 1 inch cubed, peeled ginger 1 inch cubed galangal (or 2 tbsp. of ground paste) 0.5 tbsp. turmeric powder 3 large red chillies (deseeded to remove most of the heat) 1.5 tbsp. ground coriander seed 3 shallots 2 cloves garlic Additional Ingredients 1 stick of lemon grass 1 tin full fat coconut milk…

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View Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday always falls exactly 47 days before Easter – with this date changing every year. Eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday comes from a tradition of using up any rich foods in the house, such as eggs, milk, butter, sugar, before the 40 days of fasting – Lent. In France, it’s called “Mardi Gras” aka…

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View Warming Autumn Baked Pumpkin 🎃

Warming Autumn Baked Pumpkin 🎃

Warming Autumn Baked Pumpkin   Pumpkin carving, conkers, cold crisp sunny days and warm rich colours.  I love autumn, there is nothing better than coming home from a walk to the smell of delicious spices and snuggling down with your family to a delicious seasonal meal.   This baked pumpkin is the ultimate celebration of…

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View Picnic recipe ideas for a healthy summer!

Picnic recipe ideas for a healthy summer!

Eating well at summer picnics and barbeques doesn’t need to be boring. We have put together a few ideas to inspire you to enjoy delicious food no matter what the weather! Clean Coconut Rocky Road These are always a hit with the children. They still taste great but this version contains healthy fats from coconut…

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View Strawberry Truffles

Strawberry Truffles

Try out our simple, Strawberry Truffles recipe. It’s perfect as a healthy snack, a delicious desert, and easy to make for Summer. This recipe makes about 12 balls – double recipe for a larger batch. Ingredients 40g freeze dried strawberries – approximately 50g almonds 90g dates 30g chia seeds 1 tsp. vanilla essence Desiccated coconut…

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View Healthy Coconut Choc Bars

Healthy Coconut Choc Bars

These are so much healthier than shop bought tropical coconut chocolate bars, and really feel like a treat! To make the base: 200g desiccated coconut 150g coconut oil (melted) 2 tsp vanilla essence 2 tbsp. raw honey or alternative sweetener Combine all ingredients and press into a lined tin. Chill in the fridge for 1…

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View Key Lime Avocado Pie – Delicious Raw Desert

Key Lime Avocado Pie – Delicious Raw Desert

This delicious raw desert is extremely easy to make. The filling is made mostly from avocado, which are rich in healthy fats. Unlike when you eat a regular dessert after eating this pie you feel energised rather than sluggish.Dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free, egg free, nut free… but definitely not taste free.  Whenever…

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