View Tips for Beating Sugar Cravings

Tips for Beating Sugar Cravings

Tips for beating sugar cravings… Eating sweets, sugary and starchy foods (even complex carbohydrates and some whole foods) raises your blood sugar which triggers a rush of insulin which normally overshoots the amount of sugar and leads to a corresponding reduced amount of sugar in the bloodstream which we feel as hunger. This can set…

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View Benefits of Reflexology

Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology Relaxes you Revives You Balances you and grounds you! Reflexology is a complementary therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet, hands, face and ears correspond with different areas of the body. When gentle pressure is applied to these areas or ‘reflexes’ it stimulates the movement of energy along the nerve channels,…

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View The Gut Brain Connection

The Gut Brain Connection

There is a lot of chatter on the internet about our Gut Brain connection. It would be helpful for us to understand exactly what that really is. If you asked a conventionally-trained Gastro-enterologist about guts and brains, he or she would say that those are two separate systems. The Gastro-intestinal tract or the digestive system,…

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View Body Talks – Live Event

Body Talks – Live Event

Attend online event: £10 Attend in person: £20 + supper + goody bag Have You Got the Guts for Good Health? A series of informal presentations and talks about health topics that concern many, or all of us. Wednesday July 21st 2021 6pm – 8.30pm Topics covered in this first event: ⦁  How does our…

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View Food Matters Live

Food Matters Live

Ever wondered how new foods, drinks and health products get noticed and are brought to market? Some manufacturers are big enough to pay for product launches with big splash marketing campaigns, or they already have a massive market presence and have avenues to push new products along. Some new innovators will employ an agency to…

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View Constipation


“Constipation can make you realize that life is not easy at all.”  -Rubal Bhatia Constipation is when you find it difficult to have a poo or you find you’re going to the toilet less often than usual.  It is defined as passing a hard stool; even if you go every day, if it is hard,…

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View Menopause – can we breeze through it?

Menopause – can we breeze through it?

It is widely discussed in naturopathic health circles that some cultures do not suffer with menopause symptoms. The ‘Change of Life’ is just not a problem for them;  for example, rural Japanese ladies do not have a vocabulary for the kind of symptoms experienced by women in the West – and yet, when they move…

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View Chewed for Thought…?

Chewed for Thought…?

I am fairly new to the world of microbiome and how it has the potential to help us with our immune systems and our ability to live healthy active lives. During my recent training as an FMT therapist, I have noticed that the “Warp speed” eating regime at mealtimes seems to be a common issue…

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View The Bitter Truth

The Bitter Truth

In our conventional modern diets, the bitter taste is very rare. We tend to overuse the sweet taste and often the salty too with all the endless processed snacks we consume daily. But when do bitters come into the equation? With all the health benefits that they can bring us, it is a shame that…

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