View Friday Ferments – Kefir Pannacotta

Friday Ferments – Kefir Pannacotta

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a probiotic desert to assist with digestion after a meal I thought to myself one day…..introducing Kefir Pannacotta.  I decided to make 2 versions – one with coconut milk and one with cows’ milk.  I also added some Acacia gum to the coconut milk kefir pannacotta providing a dose…

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View Flax-Seed & Herb Crackers

Flax-Seed & Herb Crackers

Have you broken up with bread? Sick of gluten free replacements? Too cold for crudités to enjoy with your dip? And flavourless rice cakes just don’t cut it….why not try seed crackers?  This tasty flaxseed recipe is easy to make, very low in carbs and due to its high fibre content, will certainly keep you…

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View Bitter Melon – bitter fruit with a sweet nature

Bitter Melon – bitter fruit with a sweet nature

Bitter Melon – a bitter fruit with a sweet nature Bitter melon (Momordica charantia), also known to me by its Sanskrit name karela, is taking the world by storm for its blood glucose lowering effects.  This fruit, which resembles a cucumber gone wrong, is native to Asia, India, South America and Africa.  Bitter melon, as…

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View Gut Gummie Recipe

Gut Gummie Recipe

Note:  Instead of  peppermint, you can change the flavor by using lemon tea or any fruit tea you like. And for the sweet toothed, you may enjoy adding some coconut sugar or Stevia. Annie McCue FMT Nutritional Therapist

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