World diabetes day a chance to highlight how we need to guard health

Saturday November 14 is World Diabetes Day, which gives us all a chance to reflect on the causes and complications of this dreadful disease.

We at the Taymount Clinic support any initiative to highlight major health problems and prevent them, so we hope that by raising awareness in this way that it will, at least, help some people to change their habits.

For those of you who are regular readers of our blog you will have seen how we got behind the call from Chef, Jamie Oliver’s to impose a sugar tax, which was a 7p levy on cans of sugary drinks, which unfortunately, in the past few weeks has been rejected by the government.

However, it’s certainly now very firmly on the agenda, with Jamie being called to give evidence to a government select committee.

Following a special programme on Channel 4 highlighting the dangers of sugar, the topic certainly has been a hot topic with diabetes being one of the conditions that figures most prominently when excess sugar is spoken about.

We are sure that many diabetic related organisations throughout the world will be doing what they can to raise the awareness of diabetes, and the belief, which we all hold is that there has to be a concerted effort by governments, and food producers to reduce sugar for the good of all of us.

However, our government believe it is up to individuals to look after themselves, which is extremely frustrating when there are so many hidden sugars in our foods – sugars, which are predominantly used to make food last longer and give corporations bigger profits.

As we said before, excess sugar consumption is ruining lives and costing this country huge amount in NHS spending alone.

Type two diabetes is wrecking lives and the public purse. Currently, it costs 10 per cent of the entire NHS budget and is causing blindness and around 7,000 amputations per year- all because of poor quality food.

We will continue to voice our opinion and add to the argument to reduce sugar in our diet, but it seems likely nothing will be done in the near future by those in power.

Across the western world, diabetes is a huge and growing problem. Until extra steps are made by those who are supposed to be acting in our interests, we need to do what we can to protect our health.

We hope World Diabetes Day will make you evaluate your health and sugar consumption and more importantly, give you the impetus to take action and live a healthier life.

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