The day is coming when fecal donations will be as acceptable as giving blood

It is very exciting times for all of us involved in Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT) as the world begins to wake up to the possibilities that our work may have on many conditions.

Those of us involved in this field of research have known for a long time that by normalising gut flora many patients are reporting greater health, and that is why so many return to us.

As we have said before, this field of treatment is very much in its infancy, and we are careful not to overstate the health benefits, but rather let others endorse us and tell their story, and thankfully that is happening.

It also appears the media is sitting up and overcoming the somewhat unfortunate connotations associated with human waste and actually taking a real scientific interest.

Since we were invited to BBC Newsnight a few months back to join other medical experts where we primarily focused on the benefits FMT has had on C difficile, the interest and questions have been plentiful.

One question we are asked frequently about is our donors. As we have stated in previous blogs those who donate are very much the chosen few.

The criteria we have to ensure that fecal donations are free of disease are stringent and ongoing. Our donors are continually assessed every 8 weeks to check that their microbiota (gut environment) is in excellent condition and to ensure that they remain healthy.

We believe that as our work becomes better known, fecal donations will be as widely accepted as blood donations. That day will not be too far in the future.

The fascinating world of the human microbiome is slowly but surely gaining a foothold as a serious component in delivering health, and this is not just good news for Taymount Clinic and the FMT industry, but the whole of mankind.

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