How many sugars in your coffee?


How many sugars in your coffee…?

After today’s breaking news about the stunning level of sugars served up in the flavoured coffees, mulled fruit juices and other drinks at High Street coffee-shop chains, it brings to mind the relevance of a little experiment done recently at a meeting of the local Cub Scouts to ‘stir’ their awareness of the sugar content of their favourite drinks.

Standing at the front of the Cub Scouts’ group cradling a cup and saucer of freshly poured coffee, they were asked to put up their hands if their Mum or Dad took sugar in their tea or coffee.  A sea of hands shot up.

They were told to put down their hand if their parent only took one sugar; a few hands went down.  Then they had to put down their hands if the parent took two sugars – a few more hands went down.  A very small number remained and when asked if anybody’s parent took more than three spoons of sugar, the remaining hands went down.

So nobody’s mum or Dad put more than three sugars in their drinks. (Thankfully).

They were then asked to count how many sugars were being put into the fresh cup of coffee in front of them.  The spooning started as they started chanting the count… 1… 2… 3… 4… (a few eyes looking wide open at this point)… 5… 6…(a few more very surprised faces) … 7… 8… (disbelief and horror!) … 9… at this point the spooning stopped and the coffee was stirred well.

The group of youngsters looked very concerned and then when they were asked: “Would anyone like to try this coffee?”  They all shook their heads in horror!

The coffee was placed down on the nearest table and a 330ml can of popular cola drink was presented as they were asked : “Would anybody rather have this then?”  Lots of hands shot up.   After a short pause, the group was told that this one can of fizzy drink contained more than the 9 spoonsful of sugar that had just been ladled into the coffee.

They were all visibly stunned and shocked – at 9 teaspoons in a single drink.

This amount of sugar, in one single drink, is more than 3 times what the government would recommend (7 spoonsful per day)

We can only imagine how stunned and shocked they would have been had 25 teaspoons of sugar been ladled into the cup and stirred….. and then to have offered them a Large Caramel Latte or Mulled Spiced Fruit Punch.  Admittedly this type of drink is more attractive to young adults rather than Cub Scouts, but the message is just as clear and perhaps this is a demonstration that could be presented to adult groups just as easily.

This amount of sugar, in one single drink, is more than 3 times what the government would recommend (7 spoonsful per day).

The cup of coffee demonstration has just got two and a half times punchier…..

How many sugars in your daily drinks?

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