Sugar tax the start of a long fight against the killer ingredient

For those of us infuriated by the havoc that excess sugar consumption is wreacking on the nation’s health, Jamie’s Sugar Rush was quite possibly the most important programme on television in many a long year.

doughnutsJamie Oliver, the celebrity chef turned health campaigner in this hard hitting one hour documentary on Channel 4 on Thursday said he is up for a fight and there are many of us standing shoulder to shoulder with him.

Starting with watching a six year old having his rotting teeth pulled out and moving on to show us the weeping stumps left after limb amputations due to type 2 diabetes, Jamie Oliver didn’t pull any punches.

Amongst the highlights he exposed the hidden sugar that is added to what the vast majority deem as healthy food, such as low fat yoghurts, breakfast cereals and stir fry sauces. He also showed how a school which was the centre of his school dinner’s campaign a decade ago is now excelling having made healthy food the centre of its curriculum.

It was truly scary, no doubt aimed at making the public sit up and take notice, with health professionals graphically demonstrating how the over consumption of sugar is killing us.

Type two diabetes was very much the focus, saying how it costs 10 per cent of the entire NHS budget and is causing blindness and around 7,000 amputations per year- all because of bad food choices.

soft drinkThe fight against sugar, which we at the Taymount Clinic believe is one of the biggest issues affecting health in the UK today, is one that won’t be won easily.

As the programme demonstrated the over-consumption of sugar is just not high on the agenda for the food industry or the government, so a campaign is needed.

Jamie Oliver’s move to tax sugary drinks in his own restaurants and his request of other leading food industry heads to do likewise is a good start.

However, in the meantime we ask that everyone watches this programme and add to the online petition asking for a UK tax on sugary drinks.

It is the responsibility of all of us to make sure this topic does not go out of the news. We have to keep it on top of the agenda and shout about it until the government and food industry finally stop this scandal.

If you missed the programme, then we urge you watch it now.

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