Sugar tax rejection proof that the fight will be a tough one


The news which has broken this week that the government has rejected Chef Jamie Oliver’s call for a 7p tax on cans of sugary drinks is disappointing yet extremely predictable.

Over 140,000 signed the celebrity cook’s online petition which was instigated earlier this month in his excellent programme Jamie’s Sugar Rush, meaning its numbers triggered the need for it to be debated by the country’s MPs.

However, despite being spoken about in House of Commons the proposal was thrown out with the debate centring on obesity by all accounts and our leaders saying it is a complex matter involving many factors.

The British Dental Foundation has already voiced its disapproval and we expect many others to do so as well.

However, whilst we are sure the government believe it is up to individuals to look after themselves, we think the fact there are so many hidden sugars in our food and drink is a scandal.

As we have said before, excess sugar consumption is ruining lives and costing this country a fortune.

The fight against excess sugar will not be stopped.

In the program, Jamie Oliver said the over-consumption of sugar is just not high on the agenda for the food industry or the government, and while this is still the case, at least it is now on the radar. We will continue to support this campaign until some sensible changes are made to protect the nation’s health.

In the meantime, we ask you to look out for yourself by watching your sugar intake carefully.


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