Poop : The New Wonder Treatment!


Well done to BBC’s Dr Mark Porter. On Tuesday 3rd June in his column in The Times newspaper he once again pushed the boundaries and dared to talk about ‘The Power of Poop’

In a column headed… “There is an amazing new treatment for a severe illness of the gut – but it’s not for the squeamish”  Dr Mark Porter introduces the topic of Faecal transplantation – one of the most exciting developments in the burgeoning field of probiotics
As Dr Mark says ‘At first glance The Power of Poop may seem an odd name for a website dedicated to probiotics, but it is not there to provide advice on yoghurts laden with friendly bacteria. It exists to promote the ultimate probiotic, the new kid on the block, the one that everyone’s talking about. Poo. Faecal transplantation — transferring stool from one person to another — is one of the most exciting developments in the burgeoning field of probiotics, and it is teaching us a lot about how we interact with the billions of bacteria that live in our bowels.

Dr Mark explains why this bacteria is so effective and praises the Probioic based treatment as an accepted treatment for C Difficile, but we’re very relieved to see that he strongly warns patients against attempting D-I-Y Faecal transplants, as he points out at a bare minimum donors must be extensively medically screened for potentially dangerous infections and parasites.  There are also fundamental scientific reasons why the inexperienced handling of bacteria, can lead to very poor outcomes and resultant dissappointment.

This is something which is of paramount importance to us here at The Taymount Clinic – the first specialist FMT clinic in the UK.

The Taymount Clinic was founded in 2003 specialising in Digestive Health. We embarked upon study and research with treatments involving probiotic supplementation with more and more complex commercially produced probiotics until in a blinding flash of bio-logic we finally realised that the single probiotic supplement that had all the components needed to return the human gut to a normal functioning condition already existed. The whole microbiome is already present in a healthy gut as the ultimate probiotic. What was needed was to harvest this wide-diversity whole microbiome.

We started our first FMT treatments in 2009 on a very small scale, monitoring the results and perfecting the methodology all the while. Today, we are still continually improving and changing the procedures and methods of treatment as we discover important new aspects of the microbiome every day.

We believe that as a result of many years’ research, study and continual refinement, we have developed a processing and administering protocol which is highly effective yet without being invasive or uncomfortable. As the research progresses, we are beginning to see exciting connections between the microflora and the immune system, clearly highlighting the need for the medical and microbiological communities to concentrate more efforts into understanding the unique relationship between bacteria and the human immune system.

We always make it clear that large scale clinical trials on FMT are still ongoing and have not yet been completed and published. At this stage we cannot claim with any established evidence that FMT is a cure for any particular condition other than Clostridium difficile which is substantially documented worldwide, we are however currently treating people who have been diagnosed with various digestives and auto immune conditions as diverse as IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, ME and MS.

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