New pricing of “top-up” implants in clinic.

We’re very excited to announce that we have been reviewing the system for patients booking “top-up”, or post-program-implants in clinic and are very happy to report that we will now be able to offer this service at a reduced cost.

It’s come to our attention that some patients are finding the price of implants in clinic too prohibitive yet feel anxious about entrusting further implants to a courier service or worry about the reliability of their own freezers and storing them safely. In some cases, patients have resorted to booking a room in a local hotel or Air-BnB to administer their top-ups, thus allowing them to leave the implants in clinic until required, whilst still being able to purchase them at the cheaper ‘take away’ rate.

We’re concerned that this may not be the optimum scenario for undertaking FMT. It is likely to be a much more nerve-racking experience when trying to perform such a delicate and intimate procedure in the alien environment of a hotel room or someone else’s home, and the anxiety of something going wrong and there being a mishap must be quite high.

Our patients’ wellbeing is of our utmost concern. We dearly want our patients to be as relaxed as possible when doing self-implants and wish to give them the best possible chance of the FMT being administered successfully.

So, having given this much thought, we have decided to offer a slightly different protocol for coming to clinic for top-ups and in doing so this will allow us to reduce our fees significantly. We hope this will make the service more available to those who need it most.

At the moment patients pay £396 for a top up in clinic. This includes the cost of the implant itself plus VAT, plus the cost of an hour’s use of a room in clinic and the 1:1 attention of an FMT practitioner – usually the same practitioner that you had during your original programme at Taymount.

Our alternative protocol will be a little more ad hoc: we won’t be able to guarantee a 1:1 with your own practitioner, and we will ‘slot patients in’ by offering you appointments for whenever rooms happen to be free. Mostly this would be in the afternoons and the FMT would be administered by whichever practitioner was free for that appointment. Once the FMT had been administered the patient may then be left to turn him or herself on the treatment couch in the three positions for the resting period following, if the practitioner was not free for that whole hour appointment. This is why we can offer this reduced price as there would not be 1-to-1, 50-minute therapist attention.

The cost of this type of FMT would breakdown as so: £200 for the cost of the implant itself; plus £25 for the use of the clinic room, consumables, staff and administration time; plus VAT. This would be a total of a much more affordable £225 + VAT (£270). Currently patients in the UK pay the take-away price of £200 + VAT (£240) to do implants at home. This may, of course, continue to be the preferred and perfectly acceptable method for some of our patients, and for those who live too far away to return to clinic. But for those who have difficulties with self-administration or who just want the security and surety of an FMT ‘in house’, it would only cost an additional £30 for us to take care of all the consumables, delivery and preparation of the implant – and use of the clinic facilities.

We sincerely hope that this new protocol will allow more patients to return to clinic, where they can rest assured that all measures have been taken to ensure that their FMT is delivered in a professional and safe environment and without the worry and stress of doing an implant in a hotel room.