Juicing Detox and Self Care Evening

Selfie of enid and two friendsTuesday evening 4/2/2020 (at Kings Langley, at the High Street cafe, Fred and Ginger: an evening of inspiration and information. Janey Lee Grace (pictured on the right) was joined by Michele Kaye (middle photo) and presented juicing detox and self-care tips. Our Taymount senior therapist, Annie McCue (who escaped the photographer!) was in attendance along with Clinic Director, Enid Taylor ND (on the left).

The evening started with a reminder of how the new year can be a great prompt to start a cleansing dietary regime when all around are staging alcohol-free months, vegan months and all kinds of resolution-based new habits. Detoxing in the body is taking place on a continual basis (fortunately for us!), with every breath, every muscle movement and even every thought; yes, even your thoughts can be part of the detoxing process – just a single thought can induce panic which is a stress hormone release. Think peaceful thoughts and you help your body to detox!

Michele made some fresh juices, starting with apple-juice-based ginger and turmeric shots, samples of which were very well received. The next juice was oranges, mint, pineapple and kale, which was a very interesting and mouth-watering combination. The last round of samples was of a lovely smoothie, containing bananas, blueberries, spinach (or you could use pea greens) and a tablespoon of Michele’s own brand of superfood nut and seed mix. Recipe for this below. Michele was asked by several people if she could manufacture this, ready-made, for all us busy people who found the process too demanding to fit into busy lives! You could watch her space for this exciting new product – but it would need refrigerating, so a bit of a challenge in production and distribution, so meanwhile, it is best to make your own.

Michele has a new book all about her Nia dance style – which is easy and simple dance and movement routines for health and wellbeing and it contains some excellent lifestyle recipes and tips. Eat, Dance, Shine by Michele Kaye

Janey Lee Grace talked to the group about her activities in the Sober Club even if you don’t drink, or you have a very good ‘off-switch’, her advice for self-care was extremely valuable and applicable to all.

A great evening for learning, remembering (if you’ve done this before) and inspiring us all to go home and make some healthy juices and make some healthy changes.

Lots of positive, healthy little changes, sustained, are far more useful to your improved health in the long run, than a grand gesture at the beginning of the year, which fizzles out by mid-February, or before. So make lots of little healthy-positive things your goal, not a sweeping radical change that you cannot maintain.

Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it, Happy Old New Year for the rest of us and a Healthy New Year to all.

The Recipe for Nut and Seed Superfood Mix (with grateful acknowledgement to Michele – for more details please get her book!):

1 teaspoon of each of these (as many of them as you have or can get hold of):

Chlorella powder
Spriulina powder (or the tiny tablets)
Moringa powder
Lecithin – sunflower lecithin is the best if you can, but soy is better than none
Barley grass powder
Maca powder
Nutritional Yeast

Seeds: 1 tablespoon of each of these:

Hemp seeds
Linseeds (also known as flaxseeds)
Chia seeds (white or black)
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds

Nuts: 1 tablespoon of each of these:


Grind the seeds and nuts to a fine crumb or flour and add the powder mix and blend well.

Take ONE tablespoon of the mix to each blended smoothie or juice – blend in at the end of a juice with half an avocado and some ice.

Store in a clean jar in the refrigerator. Used daily, this will keep you going for about a week, then make a fresh batch. It is better to grind small amounts and keep them cool, it reduces the nutrient loss from oxidation after grinding.

Happy juicing everybody and hang on, Spring is coming. Be ready for it by spring cleaning your body and mind ahead of the season!

With best wishes

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