International Women’s Day at the Taymount Clinic

In honour of International Women’s Day, the women at the Taymount clinic wanted to share their inspiration and experiences in working within the science and health fields.




Dr Enid Taylor | Naturopath and Clinic Director


Bringing up my family in the 1970s and 80s, I was passionately interested in feeding them correctly and healthily, so it became natural to study subjects concerned with digestion and nutrition.  Later as I returned to education when my children were older, I obtained a BSc in Psychology.  I went on to train as a naturopath, and found it to be a wonderful blending of a humanistic approach with factual science, and I was happy to open a naturopathic practice when I founded the Taymount Clinic in 2003, based on these twin aspects of health, the scientific and the natural.


Developing the FMT part of the Clinic in at Taymount in 2012, with my microbiologist husband, I find that science is more than just the measurable and sometimes instinct and insight must be employed before a new line of study can be identified.   Women should not shy away from science, it encompasses everything from Gardening to Moon Landings – from Biology to Astronomy – and within that vast topic there will be a subject and a place where everybody can find something of interest to them, which of course will have total relevance to their everyday lives and the world at large.



“When I was 6 years old I remember a particular science lesson where we went into the school gardens and buried a selection of different items wrapped loosely in tin foil or in sealed glass jars.  We returned a week later to discover that some of these items had been decomposed by the microbes living in the soil. I can remember it so clearly it could have been yesterday.


Lucy Maskell |
FMT Nutritional Therapist

From this point on I was fascinated by all things natural and looked forward to my science lessons at school more than any other.  I find it fantastic that this had led me to work in a field where microbiota (specifically those living in our colon) are our main focus.


Along the way I obtained a BSc Biology degree and worked for a government agency where I gained experience working within a laboratory setting.  I admit it always felt like as a woman I had to work just that little bit harder to be taken seriously which could be disheartening at times.  However, in 2010 I met Dr Enid Taylor, Naturopath and director of the Taymount Clinic.  Her knowledge and attitude in the industry inspired me to undertake further training in the field of health which I still continue now.


The nurturing and supportive environment working at the Taymount allows us to grow and put our knowledge and experience towards a cause that is improving the lives of so many people and working with the other women in my team means we can share our knowledge and experiences.”




“I was a late starter as far as a love for science is concerned.  Science lessons at school did nothing to pique my interest or inspire me, and I lived for many years under the impression that I just wasn’t that interested.


I don’t think I fully appreciated how embedded in my everyday life science actually was, and how many of my interests hinged on scientific principles.

I had always been fascinated with holistic approaches to health and read plenty of books on healthy eating, but somehow never made the connection that this was indeed science.


It was only when I started working as a teaching assistant at a secondary school and found myself back in the science lessons I had long forgotten, that I finally awoke to the wonder of it all.  I remember desperately trying to get the troublesome teenagers to be quiet and pay attention, as I was eager to learn everything the teacher was trying to deliver.


Since then, I have been back to college to study biochemistry and have undertaken a diploma in Nutrition.  I have delved into the science of the human body and all the life teeming within us, and never cease to be amazed at the staggering complexity of it all.


The Taymount clinic is the perfect environment for keeping this interest alive and gives me the daily inspiration that was missing from my early education days.  I am surrounded by amazing team of women who are well versed in scientific knowledge and are dedicated to applying this for the benefit of others. Never again will you hear me utter the words “Science is boring”!“






“I have to admit that the first few science lessons at school did not spark my love of science; I guess I failed to appreciate how science was part of everyone’s life.


Annie McCue |
FMT Nutritional Therapist

It was not until I became a student midwife that I became fascinated by the body’s physiology.  Especially when I discovered the adaptation to childbirth mothers and babies make, it is quite remarkable.


Since then, I have not looked back and have carried on evolving in the area of science and healthcare.


While working as an FMT therapist at the Taymount Clinic, I witness on a daily basis the complexity of the human body and in particular the complexity of the human microbiome, a fascinating area.


I feel blessed to work within a dedicated team of women, FMT therapists and nutritionists, who are passionate about human science and who never cease to apply their knowledge to help others.”





“Growing up in a developing country, I have seen the lives of several people being affected by infectious diseases and I have always wondered how a small organism that cannot be seen by the naked eye can compromise the health of a human being.  This phenomenon made me more curious and interested in science particularly in biology.


As I grew older, I joined a field of biomedical science and did a BSc in Medical Laboratory Science where I learnt different techniques to detect, isolate and cultivate disease-causing microorganisms and parasites from blood and different body fluids.


Working in a hospital laboratory after completing my course, I realised how complex microorganisms are and how they interact with the environment as well as the human body.

My work experience and meeting different researchers inspired me to study an MSc in Molecular Biology where I gained more detailed understanding of molecular side of microorganisms.


My current role as laboratory manager and researcher at Taymount clinic is enabling me to fulfil my passion for research whilst gaining more experience in laboratory work.  In addition, sharing ideas and knowledge with other teams at the Taymount clinic is a wonderful experience.”




Nicola Callen |
Naturapath & FMT Nutritional Therapist

“As a young Nikki, I remember playing around with plants, pretending to make up my own concoctions. This eventuated into fiddling around with chemicals from my parents’ shed trying to replicate experiments I had been shown at school or picking plant material and seeing the effects of chemicals on the plants.
Towards the end of high school my two favorite subjects were definitely Biology and Chemistry. After I left school I went into the world of hospitality and did not re-enter back into the world of science for another decade when I began studying clinical nutrition and naturopathy. For the past 7 years I have not looked back and since embarking on my new area of science and healthcare as a Naturopathic FMT Therapist with Taymount FMT Clinic my passion, amazement and curiosity is continually being fulfilled with a constant ‘question to get to the bottom of…’ (no pun intended).”