Gut week campaign much-needed for the health of the nation

The national Gut Week campaign for 2015 is about to commence and at the Taymount Clinic we applaud this initiative.

For 16 years, this campaign has ran with the aim of making the public aware of gut related problems and in doing so, makes us, as a nation much more comfortable with discussing the issues.
The simple fact is that millions of us experience digestive problems ranging from bloating and constipation to indigestion and irregular bowel movements yet many suffer in silence.

Talking about matters surrounding digestive health doesn’t come easily, but you can rest assured that whatever your problem is there are many other people that have experienced the same.
Gut Week running between 31 August and 6 September is a campaign to improve the nation’s gut health, which is part of an ongoing plight to highlight the essential role the digestive system plays in our health and well-being.

The fact is that there can be some embarrassment attached to issues surrounding the digestive system, and we want to help people feel more comfortable about talking about the topic.

At the Taymount Clinic we support every initiative that will encourage people to be more open about digestive health and encourage people to see their doctor earlier.

However, we are very much of the philosophy that prevention is better than cure, and we shall endeavour to be more and more vocal about how we can all live healthier lifestyles to prevent these type of diseases occurring the in the first place.

Bowel problems are on the increase in western society and it is up to all of us to educate ourselves to ensure we maintain optimum health.

We believe poor diet is a major reason for this, as is the use of antibiotics and a pre-occupation with cleanliness unbeknown to mankind only a generation ago. Of course, environmental factors also play their part, with pollution at a level far beyond what our ancestors lived with.

It is a big and wide-ranging topic, but we will do our best to give all the visitors to our website easy to understand information. We hope those of you new to the Taymount Clinic will join us on this journey.


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