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Ever wondered how new foods, drinks and health products get noticed and are brought to market?

Some manufacturers are big enough to pay for product launches with big splash marketing campaigns, or they already have a massive market presence and have avenues to push new products along.

Some new innovators will employ an agency to promote their product – it sometimes works well but can be expensive.

There is yet another way to bring products to the notice of consumers, and that is through competitions and promotions like the Food Matters Live Annual New Product Awards.  

This is not for the benefit of the product manufacturers, it is for the benefit of the discerning consumers, who would appreciate an impartial judgement or opinion which might save them from an expensive mistake or might put them in touch with an innovative new product that might enhance their lives, their health or their eating habits. It is a helpful new forum for exploring products with experts on hand to share their knowledge and expertise to judge the virtue of the new product.

For certain, we are bombarded with so many new products each year, that it can be extremely helpful for somebody else, particularly experts in their field, to have sampled and explored them first, just for us.

Last year, Taymount’s Founding Director, Enid Taylor ND, was invited to be one of the judges in three categories:  

1) New Food Product of the Year

2) New Gut Health Product of the Year 

3) New Plant-based Product of the Year.

Of course, with last summer’s Covid-19 restrictions, it took place remotely over the Zoom portal, but even virtually, it was still a lot of fun.  On a panel with 4 other judges from media, health, marketing and social promotions, it was a great time for discussion, opinions, professional reflection and joint decision-making to choose the winning products. 

Judging aside, the offices upstairs in the Taymount clinic were filled with the delicious aroma of freshly cooked non-meat burgers and vegan bacon and there were chopped up samples of all manner of food bars, protein snacks and other delights for sampling and judging!  Needless to say, we were not short of ‘helpers’ in the clinic’s kitchen!

Last year the products which came top in the judges’ assessments were:

  • Meatless Farms Burgers
  • This Isn’t  Bacon
  • Baby Gaia – a fantastic probiotic from Sweden in the form of liquid drops, which helps to calm colicky babies and stop them crying (what’s not to like about THAT product!).

This year, Food Matters Live Awards 2021 (see links below) has invited Enid once again to be part of the judging panel for this year’s entries.   It has to be virtual again this year as we are still Covid-19 restricted, but it worked last year so it will no doubt be a success this year too!

The categories that Taymount staff will no doubt be ‘helping’ Enid to judge, are:

  • New Food Product of the Year
  • Gut Health Product of the Year
  • Plant-based Product of the Year


Tune into the website for the competition entries ahead of the judging and come back to see who wins.

The judging takes place in June.



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