Eating left over food? Waste it Don’t Waist it!

Eating left over junk food from Christmas? Ok, so it is the start of a new year and you have all sorts of resolutions and decisions to stick to.  Most likely the top of the list is about eating healthy food or losing the weight increase that the indulgences of the Festive season have caused.

A lot of us feel that weNew Year food cannot simply throw out the indulgent, sugary cakes and sweeties as they cost money to buy in the first place.  A bit like in this image, you feel you have to ‘clean up’ the kitchen before you can clean up your act. Eating everything left over in the fridge or cupboard seems to make it right! I found this picture on Facebook and it really struck a chord, so I am going to try and give you a rationale to help you through this kind of thinking

For example, you have a packet of, say, mince pies, usually 6 in the packet, and somebody comes to visit.  Out come the mince pies and you place all 6 on the plate.  Whilst you are out of the room, they all disappear.  Your mince pie box is now empty.  Whether the mince pies were eaten or thrown in the bin, they will not be back in the box.  They are gone from their box.  They stay gone, even if they were not eaten and they were trashed.  It makes no difference what their fate was, the box is still empty.

So take all the mince pies, chocolates, sweeties and cakes and put them on one huge plate.   The boxes and packets that they came from are now empty.  Throw away the boxes.  Pretend you have had a hungry rugby team rampage through your room in search of something to eat.  Imagine that they take your plate and scoff the lot.  You are happy that the choccies, cakes, mince pies and Christmas cake were handy.


Then close your eyes and tip the plate upended into the bin.  Go on, you can do it, even imagine that the rugby team are all sitting in the bin waiting for those cakes.  Tip them in and wish them well

Wash the plate, dry it and put it away and then make a nice hot beverage of tea, coffee, green tea or whatever you fancy and sit down and relax whilst you drink it.  Breathe –  you have triumphed.! Now you can start your healthy regime today, without 9,000 extra calories as a handicap.

Waste the food, do not park it on your waist.  Next year, don’t buy this stuff in the first place, it will save you money and save you eating it!!!!

Happy New Year and Healthy New You.

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Enid Taylor ND BSc(Hons) Psych is a Naturopath and Clinic Founder/Director of the Taymount Clinic.

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