Dr Silvio Najt MD

It is with great sorrow that we have today learned of the very unexpected and tragic passing of Dr Silvio Najt MD who was another pioneer in the use of FMT for gut related conditions. Silvio was a friend of the Taymount Clinic. When he left the USA to return to practise in his native Argentina, he contacted us to exchange ideas. Over the years we have had correspondence, and in my last email to him some month’s ago, I expressed my admiration for what he had achieved.


Credit: Dr Silvio Najt (@DrNajt) | Twitter

Silvio qualified as a medical doctor and went on to qualify in Cardiology in 1976 and further qualified in Emergency Medicine. A few years ago, Silvio began to question the accepted wisdom of the current medical model and became a little disenchanted with the way that patients were not treated as sentient human beings, rather an opportunity to experiment with chemicals. The final straw for him was when his 13 year old daughter fell ill and specialists that he consulted with, just did not seem to have answers, but more disturbingly to him, they did not want to look outside their medical model. It ended with Silvio becoming a Crohn’s expert by necessity.


Silvio returned to his home of Argentina and set up the Newbery Clinic in Buenos Aires which fulfilled his desire to look at the patient in a complete (holistic) way rather than the accepted method which was to examine and treat symptoms only. Silvio faced both criticism and ridicule from medical peers for his decision to work with FMT as a means to normalise the human gut when dealing with a multiplicity of diseases. Committed to his beliefs by his increasing understanding of biology rather than the chemistry of pharmacology, Silvio shrugged off any criticism and became a pioneer and pathfinder.


Silvio eventually succumbed to an unexpected cardiac event last week. He leaves the world a better place for having been here and he will be missed desperately by his family and work colleagues. He leaves deep footprints in the sand. Brave, committed and true to his medical ideals, Silvio was one of the good guys; a “White Hat”.



Glenn Taylor
Director of Science
The Taymount Clinic


Glenn Taylor | Taymount Clinic

Glenn Taylor | Taymount Clinic