Diabetes can cause blindness, but may even start with it!


Diabetes can lead to blindness –

but it seems it may even start with it…

This morning on BBC TV Breakfast news, there was an article about tackling Type 2 Diabetes, or more precisely, preventing it, by the introduction of NHS-funded exercise classes for those deemed at high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

The criteria seemed to be based on a sedentary lifestyle and measurement of the waist, they did not say what the threshold was, but if you have a large waist measurement this indicates that you are parking fat deposits around the middle of the body and the internal organs, instead of ‘safer’ areas like hips and legs.

It was not clear why this has any implications on the metabolic disorder that is Diabetes.

So they interviewed a lady of mature years who explained that she had been told she had a large waist measurement and said that she had been on the exercise program for the last year and was considerably fitter for it.  She did not explain any other health feature, just her waist measurement.

Then an attractive and good-for-TV lady GP was introduced and she described the problems with diabetes.  She said that left untreated it would cause damage to eyesight, fatigue, circulation problems that could lead to limb loss.  She was very easy to watch and to listen to and sounded most authoritative.  She didn’t mention any other factor contributing to the development of Type 2 Diabetes.

The article was geared towards congratulating the NHS for this pioneering new program, which claimed to demonstrate preventive medicine in action.

At no point in the article did anybody mention food…?

It is totally ludicrous to feature such an article and not mention that part of the prevention should be to focus on what a person is eating and reduce the sugar and refined carbohydrates.

So the outcome of this article could be viewers of mature years and large waist measurements popping on their walking shoes and going for a walk or attending exercise sessions 3 times a week then coming home to sit down and eat their white bread toast and jam, Battenberg slices and rich tea biscuits – business as usual.

Utter madness!

Why is the NHS so blind to the massive effects of diet?  Is DIET a four-letter word that nobody wants to utter?

Once again the Emperor has no clothes on & nobody wants to point this out?

Exercise is fine, of course it is, and it’s good for everybody if they do the right exercise for their fitness and ability.  It’s good to see that people are being made aware that they need to be fit and take active responsibility for some of their health issues;  but for Goodness’ sake, talk about the elephant in the room – name the Emperor’s nakedness…

We need to stop eating the sugar, refined carbohydrates, white bread, white rice, potatoes, Battenberg slices, crisps, snacks, cookies, cakes, pies, pizzas, pastries, bread, buns, bagels, doughnuts……

Hello… anybody there?


Enid Taylor ND BSc(Hons) Psych

Is a Naturopath and Clinic Founder/Director of the Taymount Clinic.

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