Coronavirus COVID-19 Antibody Test

Covid-19 antibody testing can tell whether a person has been previously infected with COVID-19.

Most patients who recover from coronavirus have been found to produce antibodies. However, it is not yet known if an individual with a positive result showing presence of IgG levels following being infected with SARS-CoV-2 will be protected, either fully or partially from future infection, or for how long protective immunity may last.

Testing should be done fourteen days or more prior to the onset of symptoms or exposure.

Taymount Clinic currently have two types of testing available for COVID-19 antibodies:

At home:

This is simple and easy for you to perform yourself following the full instructions given with the test. Post the test to the lab using the pre-paid envelope and the results are in your inbox within 48 hours.
Test Kits are £35 and will be posted out to you on completion of payment at this link.

Testing at the Clinic:

This test is carried out by one of our trained therapists and invoices a small pin prick blood test. The results are final within 10-15 minutes.

This test costs £35.00 and is available on this link. We will then contact you to arrange an appointment.

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