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Gut health

Attend online event: £10 Attend in person: £20 + supper + goody bag

Have You Got the Guts for Good Health?

A series of informal presentations and talks about health topics that concern many, or all of us.

Wednesday July 21st 2021 6pm – 8.30pm

Topics covered in this first event:

⦁  How does our “Gut” work?

⦁  Which bits make up the “Gut”?

⦁  What is the Gut/Brain connection all about?

⦁  What is a Good Diet?

⦁  Probiotics… Prebiotics

⦁ The F*** word…. Facts about flatulence

⦁  Q&A

-Healthy and delicious supper included lots of opportunities to ask questions from knowledgeable staff and therapists from the Taymount Clinic.

Location: Jubilee Social Café, Jubilee road, Letchworth

Get your tickets to attend in person here and your online tickets here.

Your Hosts:

Enid Taylor ND, Naturopath & Director of Taymount Clinic (pioneers in gut health through FMT

Janey Lee Grace – Author, Broadcaster and Champion of Imperfectly

Natural Health, founder of the Sober Club:


Other Body Talks coming soon in the series

(all of them are gut-related):

  • Juicing– How to make it taste nice as well as healthy
  • Alcohol Free- How to get the Buzz without the Booze (starring the
  • Kombucha phenomenon)
  • Diabetes – the sweet sting of sugar
  • Menopause – Myth, Magic and the 7 Dwarfs of the Menopause!
  • Mental Health – is it all in the mind?
  • Pickles and Probiotics – don’t get in a froth over ferments
  • Yeast, Candida – Thrush and other birds
  • IV Vitamin Therapy – Supplements – do we really need them?
  • Weight Loss for the right body – which genotype are you?
  • Nutritional Therapy – who can tell me what I should eat?


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