Bacterial imbalance is associated with colon cancer

Fusobacteria species are commensal or normal bacteria, found in the human gut. And surprisingly, most of the sub-species are pathogenic, doing very little good for the host. However, they play a very important part in enabling beneficial bacteria to function correctly. They are important “enablers”. And without them, the gut does not function correctly.
There is a dichotomy – they are pathogenic but they are necessary, so they need to be in a healthy and effective ratio against other bacteria.

Research has shown that excessive amounts are associated with colo-rectal cancer. SO it is vitally important that they only remain in “normal” amounts, balanced as part of a symbiotic microflora.

Click this link for the full paper: PLOS paper – Fusobacteria in Colorectal Adenomas 

Click this for further research on the same subject:

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