Bacteria Resistant To Antibiotic Found in UK

According to a BBC report “Bacteria that resist the most common antibiotic of last resort – colistin – have been discovered in the UK. Officials say the threat to human health is low, but is under ongoing review. Scientists warned the world was on the cusp of a post-antibiotic era when such resistance was discovered in China last month.”

Prospects for us?

We are now faced with the possibilities of antibiotic resistance infections – a grim reality which could see us facing a world which can no longer cure a simple infection. Also known as an antibiotic apocalypse. Resistant infections which could overtake the population, similar to past centuries which faced plagues of diseases, Infections and ultimately death.

What can be done?

It was discovered the cases of resistance in China came about from overuse of antibiotics in agriculture. It has been suggested that preventative measures that should immediately come into force should include “The routine preventative use in farming of colistin, and all antibiotics important in human medicine, needs to be banned immediately.” – Coilin Nunan, from the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics

We reported in our blog in Aug 20, 2015 (Over prescription of antibiotics creating a terrifying future for mankind) “This over-reliance on antibiotics when they are not needed is leading to our immune systems building up a tolerance level allowing new mutations of bacteria for which there is no effective antibiotic defence.”

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