Are you a chocoholic?

A Valentines Meal…

Love your gut – Once upon a time, I made a themed Valentine’s day meal.  I served heart shaped blocks of fine pate with heart-shaped cucumber garnish, followed by braised lamb’s hearts in a rich red wine gravy with rice and broccoli.  Dessert was a light yogurt and fruit fool set with gelatine in heart-shape moulds.  Very romantic – if you like lamb’s hearts.  Cook them long and slow and they are delicious in an offal sort of way.  But there was no chocolate and it didn’t matter.  Plenty of hearts and love on the plate.

Sugar is Poison

Seriously, there seems to be a reason to eat sweets and chocolates every month just lately.  We’ve just had Christmas, then New Year and now Valentine’s Day looms (with Easter Eggs around the corner) with yet another excuse to have sugar wrapped up in pretty paper.

Don’t forget as well that Mother’s Day is early March with still another reason for Big Food to sell us pretty poison packages again.   Love your mum and give her packaged sugar.  Why? Try seeing it as just that; another form of the same poison.

Challenge – take the Chocoholics test…

If you are having chocolate, go for dark, 85% chocolate.    If you don’t like the 85% dark stuff, then you don’t like chocolate –  you are a Sugar Head, not a Chocoholic.  Sorry if that sounds harsh but that’s the truth.  If you love Galaxy, Cadbury’s and Twix, but don’t like the smooth, rich, 85% dark chocolate, then you are a Sugar-Head, not a Chocoholic.  Don’t blame the humble cacao bean for that one!  Wise up to your sugar addiction and start looking at ways to tackle it.  We will blog about that one regularly this year.

Ask your loved one(s) to help you keep your waist slender and buy flowers instead (and don’t eat them; well as long as they are not poisonous, they would be low calorie…).  Drop hints for perfume, bath bombs and luxury face masks and soaps.  Anything except sugar…!

Think of your body as an exotic pet and find out what it should be fed on, not what big food manufacturers want you to become addicted to.  You wouldn’t expect your car to run on butterscotch syrup just because it tastes nice, would you?  Your exquisitely complex human body needs exactly the right kind of nutrients and fuel and sadly, sugar is not on either of those lists.  We get enough sugar in natural starches and complex sugars in our fruits and vegetables to keep us going without having to eat sugar stripped of all its nutritional value except calories.

Try putting together a decorative fruit and vegetable basket for a loved one this Valentine’s day.  Maybe some pretty lettuce, ornamental cabbages and even a rudely mis-shaped carrot or cucumber or two; go for humour and nutrients rather than sugar!   It’s the thought that counts, not the calories!

Love your body and your heart will thank you for it.  From its bottom.

Enid Taylor ND BSc(Hons) Psych is a Naturopath and Clinic Founder/Director of the Taymount Clinic.

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