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If you have ever wondered if you are drinking too often, too much, or just cannot find that “OFF” switch when you need or want to…. then you are ’Sober Curious’ and if you want to know more about what it would be like to be Alcohol Free, then consider a coaching course to learn about how you an achieve a different approach to alcohol.
Sober Club

Being Sober makes you BRAVE!

A typical coaching programme is between 4-6 weeks to explore your motivations, your goals, your outcomes and your obstacles and we work to create a plan just for you to make changes in your life for the better.
Find out how being free of the Alcohol Trap can benefit your life and health, call 0330 222 1622, or email

Can you do a alcohol sabbatical?

If you’re suffering from digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, recurring fungal infections, skin problems and mood swings, these can be caused by yeast overgrowth. When they reproduce, feed and excrete (not nice, but that is biology for you), yeast cells pump out a type of alcohol (acetaldehyde) and your body struggles to detox as your liver doesn’t have an enzyme in sufficient quantities to detox that particular compound, read more about cutting out the alcohol here and get in touch for our support.


Taymount FMT Standard

The Taymount FMT Standard places safety, quality and care at the heart of everything we do.

We use implants that have been quarantined for safety supply our implants after strict donor selection, screening and quarantine procedures to protect client safety.

  • select: donors with a healthy microbiome. Every donor receives dietary and lifestyle advice.
  • screen: donors undertake regular screening. Donations are tested DAILY to ensure microbial quality and safety. Every three months, donors are blood tested to screen for a wide range of diseases including HIV and Hepatitis.
  • quarantine: fresh material is never used. All donated material is quarantined at -80°C in the laboratory for at least 12 weeks to ensure no latent disease was present.
  • release donated material for FMT only when screening proves the quarantine period has been successfully cleared.
We only transplant microbial cells

We never use the whole stool. laboratory extract gut flora (microbial cells) from donated material to create FMT implants.

We remove food, mucus, biliary waste, skin cells, blood cell debris, hormones and other toxins from donor material.

We use 10 different donors per program

Our 10 day FMT Programme uses implants from 10 different donors.

Safety aliquots are stored for a minimum of two years

An aliquot (safety sample) is saved from every FMT implant that creates.  They are stored at -80°c for a minimum of two years, to allow for any subsequent audit testing.

We track FMT implants worldwide

Every single one of our implants (used in the UK or anywhere in the world), can be traced to its original donor source.’s international tracking system provides peace of mind for us, and for clients.

We ultra deep freeze to be safe, responsive and accessible

Evidence shows frozen FMT implants are just as effective as fresh material.

Freezing our FMT implants at -80°c allows us to be:

  • Safe – Freezing allows us to enforce the quarantine period.  FMT implants are only released when donor screening proves the quarantine has been successfully cleared.
  • Responsive – Banking frozen implants allows us to respond quickly to meet client need. For example, past clients can request top-up implants from any Taymount Clinic, globally. protect quality at every stage

Obligate anaerobes (microbial cells that cannot survive oxygen exposure) make up to 95% of the microbiome. These microbial cells are protected from oxygen at each stage, from donation to processing, storage and delivery to retain the entire microbiome for transplantation.

We consider you, the whole person

Our clients benefit from holistic advice, from our team of clinicians who include FMT Practitioners, Nutritional Therapists, Naturopaths, Functional Medicine Doctors and Holistic Dentists, who provide supervision, guidance on nutrition, lifestyle choices, stress relief and life-coaching alongside our Faecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT).

We also recognise the role that stress-relief plays in good health, so we offer help with relaxation techniques, meditation and lifestyle improvements generally.

Can I have an FMT telephone consultation?

Use our FMT consultation to find out if we can help you.

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