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Safe Screened Implants

Your well-being is our utmost priority. Reinoculating a compromised gut and restoring imbalanced gut flora requires extensive expertise and unwavering commitment, which is demonstrated by our highly experienced Practitioners. They create a secure and nurturing setting to ensure your comfort and provide you with comprehensive support.

Taymount Clinic’s manufacturer quarantines each FMT product for a minimum of three months at -80°C before releasing the product into the market. During the quarantine process, if any slow growing infectious diseases are captured, the product will be destroyed.

Our manufacturer ensures that only safe, high quality implants are selected.


Caring Holistic Approach

Faecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) is a cutting-edge treatment process where healthy bacteria is transferred into a compromised microbiome to rebalance and harmonise bacteria in the gut.

Reinoculating compromised guts requires years of experience and dedication which is evident at the Taymount Clinic.

Our dedicated Practitioners will support you throughout your programme, to make you feel comfortable, cared for, and relaxed.


We take a holistic approach during your visit to the clinic

What our patients say…

As a result of our unique service and treatment processes, our patients are brimming with praise about our cutting-edge FMT programme and their experiences with us. See for yourself how satisfied patients are after visiting Taymount Clinic.

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Pablo PerezPablo Perez
23:19 05 Jun 23
It has been 7 months since I completed my FMT at the Taymount Clinic. I had three days of preparation at the clinic (what they call Option C) followed by 10 treatments. The short answer is that is has changed my future and has restored my health to what it was prior to 2012.I suffered with severe Crohn's disease diagnosed in 2012 with the first of many rectal fistula surgeries. Treatment for Crohn's lasted from 2012 through October 2022 when I stopped all medications and travelled to the Taymount Clinic. Treatment intensified from Prednisone, then Budesonide, then Humira, then Entyvio, then Stelara, and finally the last few years were a combination of Inflectra, Colestipol, and Methotrexate.During the 10 years I was never in remission and the symptoms remained very active and severe. The rectal fistulas never healed, I lost 12 inches of my small bowel due to an obstruction, and dealt with several Clostridium Difficile infections. The last C-Diff infection in 2019 did not respond to antibiotics and I was able to get a single fecal microbiota transplant (as allowed for this specific situation in the US).All symptoms related to Crohn's stopped for 2 weeks after the single FMT in 2019. This led to finding the Taymount Clinic.By this time, I had also developed extreme joint pain (symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis) and debilitating nerve pain from fibromyalgia. In response, the dosage for methotrexate and Inflectra were increased significantly which led to severe depression for days after each dose.I was sick all of the time, in bed, in pain, unable to live a normal life, and under a constant struggle but going to doctor offices, hospitals, and undergoing tests while taking medicines consistently.All of the doctors advised against going overseas for FMT as they all claimed there was insufficient evidence to suggest it would work and that I would be wasting my time and money. I followed their advise from 2019 through 2022 when I reached the point that I really had nothing to lose. The doctor's plan was to simply continue to increase the dosage of the various meds I was taken that were clearly not working and now resulting in depression for which new medicines would be prescribed.I stopped all medicines the day before I travelled to the beautiful town of Letchworth Garden City, UK. I have not taken any meds since. I started seeing improvements on day 2 of my FMT course of 10.While at Taymount, my wife and I read as many books as we could on microbiota, FMT and related topics. These books are made available to Taymount patients for free. The information we learned has proven to be key to remaining healthy and off the medicines for the past 7 months.Every day I live with a single purpose: to keep the new microbiome Taymount placed in me thriving. That means big changes in lifestyle, diet, avoiding antibiotics, regular exercise, and much more that you will learn from the great staff at the clinic and the books from their library. In addition, my wife and I have watched countless videos in YouTube and continue to do so in a daily basis.In my experience, FMT has been the easiest part of my full recovery and return to a healthy and thriving life. The hardest part is managing work/life stress, finding true clean ingredients to cook with, avoiding the very unhealthy food that is easily available, being able to have a diversified diet, and exercising (also being outdoors) consistently.I also spend 30 minutes to 1 hour daily sifting through what we have been taught is healthy or not vs. what is now called alternative medicine, trying alternative approaches, and finding what works and doesn't work for my new microbiome. I truly believe that what killed my once thriving microbiome, many years ago before I got sick, can certainly kill my new one. Big changes to every aspect of life post-FMT are a requirement for sucess.Though I would love to see the great staff at Taymount again - and I am grateful to every single person there - I will try my best to keep my new microbiome friends alive.
Patrick GeorgePatrick George
13:53 30 May 23
My experience with Taymount was life changing and surpassed all expectations. I went to Taymount in August 2022 after struggling for 2.5 years with Long Covid. Prior to my FMT, I could not do any cardio exercise with suffering post extertional malaise. Since that time, I have slowly improved and now, nine months later, I can do all the cardio I want, and at full effort. The clinic itself is clean, efficient and well run. The clinicians are fantastic (especially Isha!), and the owners are smart and professional. Highly highly highly recommend!!
Katrina HenrieKatrina Henrie
23:08 02 May 23
(Written December of 2018 after receiving treatment at the Taymount Clinic in September of 2018 - Update at the bottom).To say that my FMT treatment from the Taymount Clinic has been life-changing would be an understatement.I chose to have an FMT treatment as a flicker of hope to help abate my celiac symptoms that persisted even with a gluten free diet and were possibly caused by antibiotic dysbiosis. My symptoms were mainly headaches, nausea, stomach pain, fatigue, brain fog, and chronic UTIs.During the course of treatment, I noticed several immediate improvements in my symptoms. My nausea and stomach pain were the first to go, headaches and fatigue disappeared as well, I also became much more relaxed and less anxious, which were issues I hadn’t even realized I had due to everything else I was suffering from. The biggest change was that my unexplained chronic muscle pain of the past 15-20 years started to disappear. I have lived my entire adolescent and adult life in fear of doing anything because I knew it would result in pain. By the time I finished my 2 week treatment at the Taymount Clinic, I was no longer in pain. This has given me a quality of life that I haven’t experienced since I was a child!Since coming home, I’ve had the stamina and energy to do things my chronic pain had prevented me from doing before, like snorkeling, scuba diving, and boogie boarding. I've even been able to do simple things again without hesitation, like cooking, exercising, and folding laundry, which used to result in exhaustion and pain. I’ve noticed several other changes since coming home as well. I’ve started putting on a little weight, which was needed (I’ve always been quite frail), but the weight hasn’t been around my middle, it's more muscular weight and filling out my frame. My menses has been a lot less painful every month and seems to be behaving more “normal” and regular. My hair and nails are growing faster and stronger, my eyelashes have gotten longer. My skin seems more elastic and my bruises and scrapes heal faster, even my dark circles under my eyes have started to fade.I feel like I am free to eat again! Previously it didn’t matter what I ate - there would be some sort of stomach pain. That pain is gone and I seem to be tolerating all foods again aside from gluten. One of the best improvements in my celiac symptoms is that, previously, cross-contamination of gluten would result in flu-like symptoms for a week and then exhaustion and brain-fog would last for about a month. In the few times that I’ve gotten cross-contaminated food with gluten since my FMT treatment, symptoms have been not only mild, but only last for 12-48 hours (if I get any symptoms at all - sometimes I don’t) and then my body recovers. My chronic UTIs became less frequent and less severe, and I’m ecstatic to report that I haven’t had any UTI symptoms for 2 whole weeks.Have things been completely perfect since coming home? Of course not, but bad days are now few and far between, and have gone from being a full body in pain, to a much more localized issue here and there. I notice that most of the time, it’s because I’m not getting enough diversity in my diet, which is an easy remedy.All-in-all, I’m so glad to have gone to the Taymount clinic and received an FMT - I only wish I had done it sooner! It has given me a quality of life that I thought I could only wish for. I can’t express enough how much I appreciate the care, comfort, patience, understanding, and education the clinicians provided to me during my time there.A huge "thank you!" to Taymount. I truly could not have asked for a better experience.UPDATE: After dealing with a nasty round of antibiotics in early 2022, I started struggling with stamina and IBS issues. I decided to do another round of treatment last October. 7 months later, I'm back to my "new" normal self again. The staff was so incredibly patient with all of my questions! Annie and staff were so wonderful to work with and easing any questions/concerns I had during the process! So glad to have found Taymount!
Becky MooreBecky Moore
14:26 01 Apr 23
My experience at the Taymount Clinic has been truly incredible. I was seriously sick with rapidly progressing neurological problems and nearly didn't make it back in February (which was later to be confirmed by geneticist as undiagnosed Wilson's Disease). Having received no help at all from mainstream doctors I had no choice but to try and help myself. FMT proved the final piece of the puzzle for me (I had been on various supplements and a strict diet prior to this which had stabilized me but I was still experiencing very worrying symptoms) and now my neuro issues have completely gone into remission. Aside from that I'm much less bloated, have far less pain and stiffness overall, can walk more easily again and have more energy too! I honestly didn't really have much hope for the future before I visited the Taymount so I'm so thankful that places like this exist and that they also have an exceptional and lovely team to carry out this pioneering work (special thanks to Annie who was my amazing therapist!).
gaynor Waygaynor Way
09:58 25 Mar 23
I finished my FMT course last November for eczema, histamine intolerance and food sensitivities. My life at the time was so small, I was limited to the certain foods and this was list was getting smaller. I was in so much discomfort, my skin covered in eczema and histamine rashes would burn as the day progressed. I was struggling to work, to have a life other than surviving.4 months on I am amazing! I look and feel fantastic. My skin is beautiful, I am eczema free and can eat all foods again. My life has opened up, I am happy and confident, I honesty feel reborn.I can’t thank the staff at the clinic enough. They were all so kind, supportive and made me feel so comfortable and welcome throughout the treatment. Annie in particular was amazing, many times she saw me in tears, at my lowest, frightened the FMT wouldn’t work, she was so caring and kind.I have my life back but better and I am so very very grateful, thank you, a big hug to you all 🤗🤗🤗
Jane RogersJane Rogers
17:59 23 Mar 23
I had a series of 10 treatments here in Fall 2022. Immediately the problems with my gut went away. No more bloating, better nutrient absorption and all my other gut/elimination issues went away. I'm deeply grateful for the professionalism of the staff. It was a big decision for me as I traveled there from the United States, but it was THE best decision ever for me. These are good folks who know what they're doing!
sharon godiersharon godier
10:29 03 Sep 22
I have had ME/CFS for 22 years. It's been 6 months since my FMT treatment course of 10 implants. I'm following more of a veggie diet now but have meat occasionally. It's been a rocky road to recovery but my body has stabilised and I'm now able to go to the theatre, I'm not in any pain, can stay up and watch tv till 11pm during work nights and maintain a full time job albeit I do work from home. I still have tinnitus and sleep disturbance but I take meds for sleep. Thanks to Taymount staff, Annie in particular, for being part of my get well journey.
Kara WogartKara Wogart
14:38 08 Jun 21
I visited the Taymount Clinic just over a month ago for help with lingering fatigue and worsening digestive issues. In the last year I had started reacting to high histamine foods which would cause me to experience crushing and immediate fatigue after eating. During my time at the Taymount all the staff were so lovely and caring, especially Annie and Steve who administered my treatments. I didn't feel awkward or embarrassed at any point during these procedures. They understood all the health issues I had and were able to offer lots of advice going forward with my health. Since my treatment I have been able to reintroduce dairy and caffeine with no bloating, gas or reflux. The lump in my throat has gone. The histamine issues have greatly improved and I have only once felt fatigue post eating. Better than all this is my improved energy and the great sense of well being I have. I honestly feel great. I'm so grateful to Glenn and Enid Taylor for the years of research that led to setting up the Taymount clinic.
Adeline St JohnAdeline St John
11:19 01 Oct 20
A HUGE THANKS to the lovely team at Taymount for looking after me. I am now on the road to recovery. During my journey with them, they showed me empathy, understanding and comfort. My needs were always catered for. The clinic itself is gorgeous, clean and well appointed. I felt I was in a safe pair of hands. I cannot recommend The Taymount Clinic highly enough!

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