The Vital Role of Your Gut Microbiome

A healthy microbiome is crucial for maintaining overall well-being. The human gut microbiome consists of trillions of microorganisms that play essential roles in various bodily functions:

  1. Enhanced Digestion and Nutrient Absorption: Gut bacteria break down complex carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, making nutrients more accessible to your body. This ensures that the body gets the necessary vitamins and minerals from food.
  2. Immune System Support: The gut microbiome interacts with the immune system, helping it to identify and combat harmful pathogens while promoting tolerance to beneficial microbes. A balanced microbiome can reduce the risk of infections and autoimmune diseases.
  3. Pathogen Defence: Beneficial gut bacteria outcompete harmful microorganisms, preventing infections and producing antimicrobial substances that keep your gut safe.
  4. Vitamin Production and Energy Supply: Certain gut bacteria synthesise vital vitamins like K, biotin, and folate. They also produce short-chain fatty acids from dietary fibres, providing energy for your colon cells and offering other health benefits.
  5. Metabolism and Weight Management: The gut microbiome influences how your body metabolises food and drugs, impacting absorption and overall metabolism.
  6. Brain-Gut Communication: Emerging research indicates a strong connection between the gut and the brain, known as the gut-brain axis. The gut microbiota communicates with your brain, affecting mood, behavior, and cognitive functions, potentially reducing the risk of depression and anxiety.
  7. Gut Barrier Maintenance: Healthy gut flora ensures the integrity of your intestinal barrier, preventing harmful substances from entering your bloodstream.
  8. Inflammation and Disease Prevention: A balanced microbiome helps control inflammation in the body.

What is Faecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT)?

Faecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) is a medical procedure where processed stool from a healthy donor is introduced into the gastrointestinal tract of a patient. The aim of FMT is to rebalance the balance of bacteria in the gut, offering a therapeutic solution for various conditions associated with dysbiosis, or microbial imbalance.

FMT has shown promising results in treating conditions linked to dysbiosis, particularly recurrent Clostridium difficile infection (CDI), which can be resistant to standard antibiotic treatments. By reintroducing a healthy balance of bacteria into the gut, FMT can help reduce symptoms. Research is also exploring the potential of FMT in treating other conditions.



Safe Screened FMT Implants

Your well-being is our utmost priority. Reinoculating a compromised gut and restoring imbalanced gut flora requires extensive expertise and unwavering commitment, which is demonstrated by our highly experienced Practitioners. They create a secure and nurturing setting to ensure your comfort and provide you with comprehensive support. In 2023, our FMT Manufacturer's donor acceptance rate was 3.7%.
Our FMT Manufacturer ensures that only safe, high-quality products are manufactured. See the overview of their screening:

virus-covid-slash-solid (1)

Stool samples were tested for COVID-19 by extracting RNA and performing RT-PCR analysis.

snowflake-solid (1)

The samples were stored in ultra-low freezers at -85°C.

clock-solid (1)

The samples were quarantined for at least 90 days before being released to ensure that there are no slow-to-show infections in our donors.

shield-heart-solid (1)

Pathogen testing was performed on stool samples using stool PCR analysis, guided by insights from emerging FMT literature.

trash-can-solid (1)

The samples were purified to the highest degree possible by removing unnecessary waste materials such as undigested food, dead cells, mucus, solid debris, water, salt, fibre, and fat.

droplet-solid (1)

The blood sample obtained from the donor undergoes thorough testing for various specific targets, guided by emerging FMT literature. This includes pathogens, antigens, antibodies, and biomarkers, analysed using advanced analytical techniques.

file-medical-solid (1)

Once the patient has completed the initial FMT consultation and is approved, the medical officer signs a prescription for the FMT implant.

truck-ramp-box-solid (1)

The implants are individually packaged for each patient and prepared for delivery to facilitate treatment.

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Colon Hydrotherapy, Enemas & Detox

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