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Your Health Your Microbes Your LifeMap My Gut (MMG) is a unique service performed by microbiome specialists that uses the latest DNA sequencing technology to provide a personalised analysis of the thousands of bacteria living in your gut together with information on how they associate with health and disease by microbiome experts.

Aided by the latest sequencing technology, Map My Gut will provide people with a breakdown of their gut bacteria profile, assessing how the different species found, relate to health and disease.  Your health professional can assist you in interpreting your results and what they mean to you as an individual.

MapMyGut takes around 6-8 weeks to return the results so allow plenty of time if you wish to discuss your results with your FMT Nutritional Therapist during your time at the clinic.  Please note that this is only available in the UK at the moment; you can take the test when you arrive but the follow-up test in 3 months may not be available in the US – Map My Gut is currently working to remedy this

The human microbiome pays a key role in health.  Thanks to recent technological advances and years of research, we can measure the hundreds of species present in your gut and start to understand how they affect you.
From your results, a report is produced in the form of a 20-page, full colour, personalised brochure with comparison graphs showing how you compare to the general uk population and will help you understand “who lives within you”.

The kind of information contained in your test report includes:

Microbial Diversity

Microbial diversity is an overall marker of the bacterial diversity found in your stool sample.  The more we detect different types of bacteria in your stool, the greater the diversity score.  The greater your diversity score, the better.

Bacterial Phyla

A phylum is a taxonomic rank.  It can be thought of as a very high level grouping of bacteria.  In the human stool, there are generally seven such groups detected.  Two of which, the Bacteroidetes and the Firmicutes are generally the most abundant.  Your personal Phylum Profile is given shown against a subset of samples from people with the same gender and age group, BMI or diet.

Bacterial Families

A family is a taxonomic rank that is lower than the phylum.  This means that each family belongs to a phylum.  It can be thought of as a very high level grouping of bacteria.  Your report will show the family profiles of the five families that were found to be the most abundant in your sample and will highlight any abnormally high or low levels.

Diet and Health-related Bacteria

The gut microbiome is an active area of research.  We are only starting to understand how bacteria affect our dietary habits and our health.  Based on today’s knowledge, the test and report selects six bacteria that are considered important to you and the implication for weight management indicated by the presence or absence of some bacteria (e.g. Christensenella minuta).

Vegetable- and Animal-based Diets

The report compares your sample with the normal levels of three bacterial groups and their levels in individuals with various specialised diets.

Probiotics & Prebiotics

Pre- and Probiotics are key to maintaining the health of the gut microbiome.  The results graphs help you to compare your results with the three largest categories: Bacillus, Bifidobacterium or Lactobacillus.

How do you compare?

Your microbiome results are compared to thousands of others from the UK.  Based on this comparison, a map is shown giving the approximate location of the people with the most similar microbiome to yours.
(If you are not in the UK, please ask for details of American Gut Project)

Results Interpretation

A summary is given at the end of the report with personalised information on the relevance of any abnormal or outstanding results found in your sample.  Suggestions for recommended further reading is also given.

Price: £297 (plus VAT)Price: £347 (plus VAT)

Please apply to: or ask your therapist for test kits.  Test must be paid in full at the time of ordering.  No refunds are possible once the kit is used.  All tests and analyses are supervised by fully qualified nutritionists and/or naturopaths