Patient experiences

We have been sent many comments and patient experiences over the years from clients who feel we have helped transform their lives after having FMT with us. We have listed a selection below.

“As a Nutritionist, Health Coach, and Raw Food Chef, I knew that everything started in the gut, and when I learned about the Taymount Clinic, I knew it was the answer I had been looking for, and I was right! I was pre-diabetic, I had celiac disease, I had chronic inflammation, and I felt like my body was not able to digest or process food, no matter how healthy it was. After completing 2 weeks of treatment at the Taymount Clinic, I knew I was better. 3 months after coming home my blood work came back with flying colors and all of my previous health concerns were no longer an issue. On top of all of that, it also had a huge impact on my mind. I find myself thinking clearly and seeing things a much brighter light than I did before. I wish everyone would be able to go to the Taymount Clinic, because it really can be life changing.”

The Taymount  Clinic team is both professional and compassionate. They went over and beyond to ensure a successful transplant process, and worked with my schedule and need to travel to and from the USA.
I have been diagnosed with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia, immune dysfunction, Interstitial cystitis, severe food intolerances and multiple chemical sensitivities.
I cannot even begin to articulate the difference that FMT has made to my quality of life! My energy levels have greatly improved, my food intolerances have seen a significant improvement – I am now able to treat myself with foods I could not previously tolerate. My digestive health has improved leaps and bounds. I have just completed the 3 month mark and I am now starting to see small positive changes in my immune reactions.
I will continue to get top-ups and stay on top of this. Quite frankly, I have tried everything – I mean everything and this will remain the most important tool in my health kit.
I would highly recommend FMT.  Thank you, Taymount and the wonderful team there!


I was diagnosed in a hospital in the Netherlands with IBS as a result of an antibiotic dysbiosis in the year 2013. I suddenly developed many food intolerances. I had to live with severe diet restrictions for about two years and still had an abnormal rate of diarrhoea. I was getting severely depressed, as a result of this sudden change in my life.
In the summer of 2015 I contacted the Taymount Clinic and underwent treatment there. I responded well at first, but found the beneficial effect diminishing over the course of two or three months.
I had two top-ups (five to seven additional FMT-treatments). In both cases I responded well in the first two months, but saw a diminishing of the positive effect over a period of time. I do need to state that my diet has become more varied and far less severe, so my quality of life has increased over all. I might be looking at a prolonged period of FMT top-ups (which does worry me as treatment is all but cheap and not refunded in my country).
I have found the staff and nurses at the Taymount Clinic very helpful, very client oriented and very concerned for my overall well being. Noting but compliments for the way patients are being treated at the Taymount Clinic.

I was Diagnosed with UC in 2009 suffering with urgency and having to go to the toilet 20 times a day.
The FMT and a balanced diet has cut this to 3 times a day within 2 months. Prior to my treatment I was unable to take the kids to the park by myself and leave the house before noon. I was also reliant on steroids to maintain health with no effect on the 20 times a day with medication. I have just today entered myself to Tough Mudder in April 2016, which I could not have thought of even 8 months ago
The clinic were sympathetic to my situation and friendly. Having what I would class as extreme urgency the most worrying thing was retaining the FMT in the first place which I found difficult to start with however after trying a few different things it become more routine and comfortable when now I don’t even think about it. The advice I received from the team around Diet, lifestyle, work life balance and what they have seen has been invaluable. I am so glad I had this treatment and would recommend people with my condition to give it a go. It will give you your life back.

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